Virgo Synthesis ~ September 11

You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as the universe.
You didn’t come into this world, you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean.

- Alan Watts

Virgo Synthesis

Synthesis is. (1)

In cyclic rhythm, the constellation Virgo meets slow, deep yet powerful crises and periodic developments which occur in darkness yet inevitably lead to light.

On the mutable cross, Virgo heralds the Crisis of the Birthplace that requires the initiate’s universal awareness in order to bring emergence from crisis into a more balanced state of life.

The aim for this greater cycle is the blending, as we know, of the two fires of matter, latent and active, and their merging with the fires of mind and spirit till they are lost from sight in the general flame; the fires of mind and spirit burn up matter and thereby bring about liberation from the confining vehicles. The altar of earth is the birthplace of spirit, its liberator from the mother (matter), and its entrance into higher realms.
                    - Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire p. 102 [emphasis added]

The blending is the mending, effectively unifying the apparent polarities of spirit and matter. For this to occur, wisdom is applied to any given situation in which integration has not yet taken place.

Virgo symbolizes receptivity ~ darkness, quiet and warmth. It oversees the depths of experience whereby secrets are eventually brought to light.

Virgo’s germinating energy is creative force, leading to the birth of Christ consciousness in the world of form.

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(1) Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy p. 535

Vertical Orientations

Any true wisdom, as ethereal as it may be, sits above your head as a massive reservoir of living waters. Provide it only a small opening, and it will burst into your reality and pour down into your life.

Whatever wisdom you learn, whatever you know, do something with it. Make it real.

That is the purpose of meditation and prayer—to be that bridge from wisdom to action.

Sefer HaSichot 5704, p. 122; Igrot Kodesh, vol. 4, p. 269.