The Centers ~ Wheels of Life ~ September 4

Creativity embraces the fiery potential and comes to be saturated
with the sacred fire of the heart. Therefore, upon the path to the
Hierarchy, upon the path of Great Service, upon the path of
Communion, synthesis is the one luminous path of the heart.

- Agni Yoga, Heart

Wheels of Life

Chakras are centers or anchored energy vortexes in the human etheric body that correspond, in etheric matter, to the respective, and relatively more physical, glands and organs of the physical body. In the Hindu tradition the word chakra means "wheel."

Many people are familiar with the non-physical aspects of the individual human form ~ besides the physical body, each of us also has invisible etheric / physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. Those who can see etherically (as mystics and intuitives) have sensitive visual apparatus enabling them to recognize these subtler aspects of the form, and in this way may assist others in tuning into them.

The four overlaying etheric human bodies ~ physical etheric, astral / emotional, mental and soul ~ connect by way of channels of energy that converge in energy centers or vortexes ~ the chakra centers ~ as their paths form the invisible scaffolding inside of which the physical body is formed. Relating to this, when we look at charts of the human physical nervous system, or at diagrams showing the energy meridians and acupuncture points recognized and used in traditional eastern medicine, we're seeing maps that chart the "effects" of these channels of energy and their hubs ~ namely, the centers.         [continues here]

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