Gemini~Goodwill Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Goodwill Festival full moon during Gemini occurs on May 27.

All who participate in's Goodwill Festival of Unification Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

re: Gemini~Goodwill Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

As many are still affected by BP oil leak, I guess this May 27 we can also participate in the Gemini~Goodwill Festival of Meditation Impressions. I think this is a good social gatherings to unwind and socialize with others. Have fun!

Gemini~Goodwill Festival Observance

The significance of the Goodwill Festival is primarily to meditate at the opportune time, at or near to the moment of the full moon during Gemini. Like the two preceding full moons during Aries and Taurus, this is a holy event where forces are being directed to assist those who serve on the side of light in our world.

While it's certainly fine to schedule social gatherings near this time, the point of the group meditation is for people to connect on the inner planes in order to strengthen the channel for the energies released at the full moon to flow through for distribution. Doing this requires withdrawing from physical plane activity and typical social interactions.

Those who choose to gather in group formation for the full moon meditation best participate by clearing themselves in order to hold a holy space, and by refraining from excessive festivities and lower mind chatter. This kind of higher alignment allows for a greater ability to absorb and direct the available energies toward service of the Plan and Purpose ~ which is what it's all about, actually.