Sun Love ~ The Etheric Body ~ September 3

Sun Love

… the individual etheric body is in conscious relation with the
etheric body of humanity, the solar system and ~ of course ~ the planet.

- Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology

Sun Love ~ The Etheric Body

Based on Virgo’s association with Health and Nurturing, we are presently considering this topic in relation to our month long exploration of the Chalice.

The etheric body, or vital body, could be thought of as invisible scaffolding that surrounds and is the basis for the physical form. It is causative to the dense physical body, in that it serves as an invisible shield or protective layer.

In western medicine parlance we refer to the etheric body as a strong or weak immune system, depending on its condition.

As the buffer through which energy flows into and out of the body to enliven us with prana, the etheric body contains, and is formed by, our chakra centers ~ the doorways through which vitality enters the body. They also serve as sensors, through which emotional energies and thoughts are registered and absorbed.

Around us in space there are many layers of etheric substance which we normally don’t perceive. For example, when we come exhausted from work and take a shower, we get refreshed by the supply of etheric energy via water. Fresh air brings energy from out of the ether of space. Through the ether we are in continuous contact with our surroundings; it is one ether in which the many forms exist. Thus we can connect with people and focus on a sick person, and in doing so propose healing. Then the etheric current of healing power can flow through us to the patient.
           - from Circle of Goodwill Aquarius 2011 (VII:8) newsletter

The planet Mercury is Virgo’s ruler, and it has potent influence on the etheric body.

In reality, all life is connected through the etheric body of the myriad of entities in incarnation.

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