Joy in the Workplace ~ September 2

This “work” of the disciple is actually the establishment of a certain type
and quality of vibratory impact upon his environment, and his ability to
control that impact at all times. In this way, the disciple creates a particular
auric influence which becomes a part of his service equipment.

- Lucille Cedercrans, The Nature of the Soul

Joy in the Workplace

The service aspect of life is where most light workers are participating in the world. When we recognize there is no separation of the mundane and the spiritual, one’s job takes on an altogether important significance.

While there may be a perceived difference between what we consider spiritual or material, in reality Spirit and matter are one and the same. They simply are vibrating at different rates.

All is of Divine creation, so each one’s service expression exists under the banner we may call a job, a business, service, or contribution. “Everything that has been created is in service to life, to the real purpose of creation. We are not separate from life, and we need to recognize how our individual spiritual journey is part of life's sacred purpose, and how it can nourish life in different ways.”  (1)

The infusion of Joy into our day-to-day service brings healing into the environment and generates positive energy that’s contagious, in a good way.

For any workplace, such Joy is then imbued into all products and services offered by the enterprise as well as by individual professionals in their interactions with others. There’s a ripple effect that follows not only the worker but also all those who are touched by their service offering.

As we work, the mind expands to see things in more creative, abstract ways. This brings detachment as humanity is lifted by the higher energies. In the process of doing the work, sooner or later we will no longer pay attention to old worries and difficulties.

There may be a Divine call for a certain kind of work, and if that happens, one can learn to recognize and follow it accordingly. Though people are generally elated by success and depressed by failure, it's preferable not to be attached to outcome or even to a particular form of work.

Many people have core pictures giving them polarized attitudes about their work. They may be attracted to some kinds of work, and dislike others. Our true calling is not to seek success or failure, but rather to focus attention on completing the immediate task at hand to the best of our ability.

If we work for the fulfillment of Divine Purpose and do not expect any fruit ... if we do everything as worship of the Divine ... if we work in unison with Divine Will for the welfare of the world ... then, through the sacrifice of selfishness, the free flow of energy is intrinsically magnetic to the flow of funds as compensation.

Through detachment, dispassion and discrimination, our work becomes worship, and we will become as free as a bird.

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(1) Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Awakening the World