Healing Ways ~ Radiatory Healing ~ September 1

With purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart,
we offer ourselves for this work of healing
This offer we make as a group and to the one we seek to heal.

- Alice A Bailey, Esoteric Healing

Healing Ways ~ Radiatory Healing

The nurturing maternal character of Virgo is most conducive to receptivity, for once the message from on high is impressed and registered, we are blessed to be able to serve through radiatory work.

In order to be effective, radiatory healing requires a conscious alignment to the group soul, and with the soul of the individual in need of healing. 

Healing takes place when the life of the soul can flow unobstructed. The radiatory healing work requires liberatiing the soul so that it flows in and through the vehicles of the one for whom healing is invoked.

As conscious world servers, we are called as healers in response to the soul’s direction. This call can take many forms, yet the goal is always the same ~ to end suffering, to promote goodwill, and to cooperate with the Divine Purpose and Plan.

The true and the future healing is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form nature. It can then vitalise it with its potency, and can also eliminate those congestions and obstructions which are such a fruitful source of disease.
                - Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing

Preliminary Rules for Radiatory Healing

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Joyfully going into the workplace

Thanks for the radiant piece of joy and inspied thoughts to begin this new cycle, post-Labor Day, with renewed enthusiasm for creating a most sacred experience in all aspects of lives, especially our service enterprizes.

Healing OF Angels

QUESTION: "How can I, as this human, do anything at all to heal an angel?

REPLY: "You ARE the angel, sweetie."