Look Up! ... As Above, So Below?

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August 25, 7:13am PDT marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle, which peaks at the September 8 Full Moon and ends September 23, 11:14pm PDT. The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the Virgo Festival Global Meditation.

This edition of "Look Up!" focuses on the solar and planetary effects that have come to my attention since the conjunction of our Sun and Regulus on August 22. The constellation Leo the Lion and its brightest star Regulus are still affecting us as the Virgo lunar cycle begins. Saturn and Mars remaining near the star of forgiveness and revenge continue to test us. A Saturn and Mars conjunction, just after the New Moon, creates challenges for humanity. As Above, So Below?

As Above, So Below?
Some Effects of 2 Great Suns, Regulus and Potent Planets
The Aug. 25 New Moon Lies Just Past Regulus of Leo the Lion

Image Credit: The Lunar Planner Aug. 25 - Sept. 24

Lunar Theme

Lunar Theme: Navigating New Directions "The New Moon lies just past Regulus of Leo ... This area of the zodiak is about personal integrity ... It is also about changing winds and our need to adjust our approach toward our desired destination based upon the changing conditions occurring in the world around us ... It impels us to reassess our present actions and the tactics we apply in life to change our evolutionary outcome to one that does not repeat a discordant and destructive past, but that leads to a prosperous and harmonious future." The lunar theme link includes more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Some Effects of 2 Great Suns and Regulus

Sol, our Sun and heart of our solar system, occulted the star Regulus August 22, 2014. Regulus, the heart star of Leo the Lion, regulates and focuses the emanations of another great Sun, Sirius, toward Earth. These emanations evolve humanity because our concept of freedom and liberation is linked to Sirius. Sirius is our spiritual Sun, esoterically the heart of Sol. Pulses of cosmic energies through this "Sirius-Regulus-Sol" alignment seem to have had their timely and synchronistic effects on our Sun and planet Earth from August 21-24, 2014.

August 22 the spaceweather.com newsletter announces:

Solar Activity Picks Up Solar activity has been low for weeks. A new sunspot turning toward Earth could change that. AR2149 announced itself on August 21st with a M3-class solar flare that sent waves of ionization coursing through Earth's upper atmosphere. The active region appears capable of more eruptions in the days ahead.

spaceweather.com reports online 8/22/14

Some scientists believe solar activity may increase earthquakes, volcanic activity and extreme weather *, however this concept is not well understood nor agreed upon.

August 23 Iceland issued a red alert to aviation after indications of a possible volcanic eruption under the country's biggest glacier, the Vattnajokull. The alert was reduced to orange Aug. 24:

But the office cautioned in a statement that seismic activity at the volcano, which has been hit by thousands of earthquakes over the past week, was not slowing, and an eruption remained a possibility in coming days.


August 24 an earthquake centered in Napa, CA was experienced as strong and long in San Francisco.

120 injured, state of emergency as California hit by largest quake in 25 years


In addition, the August 25 New Moon and Sun can be seen just past Regulus of Leo the Lion in the map above. The role of Leo the Lion, Regulus and its connection to Sirius and our Sun continue to influence our evolving consciousness in this new lunar cycle. Review the Lunar Theme above under the image.

Note: Venus the goddess of love joins Regulus the Royal Lion-Hearted Lawgiver in the twilight, very low on the eastern horizon September 5. You'll need binoculars and a clear horizon and sky to spot Regulus. 9/5 Map/Text

Potent Planets Affect Humanity During This lunar Cycle

Saturn and Mars are in conjunction about 5 hours after the New Moon and the pair remain in close proximity to Zuben Elgenubi (a Libra) the star of forgiveness and revenge until the end of August. Dusk Map 8/23-25 Conjunction Saturn stays near this Libran star throughout the lunar cycle, while Mars moves easterly positioning itself in Scorpius by September 15. Review the qualities of Zuben Elgenubi and the placement of these planets near this star in Libra.

Mars and Saturn conjoin just after the New Moon. This conjunction creates a challenging aspect to Uranus ... Mars and Saturn recently began a new cycle in June ... Mars and Pluto begin a new 2-year cycle amongst the stars of the Zen Archer.

For many fear-based and control-minded people, these Mars, Saturn and Pluto alignments, their cycles, their challenging aspects, and the high-tension energetics they produce can fuel hostile, aggressive, and radically reactive behavior. For those who are more emotionally and spiritually mature, who are focused upon personal growth, progressive change, love and compassion, they impel audacious leadership and creative action to evolve new structural foundations and ways of participating in life based upon greater universal truths.

In addition to the Mars-Pluto cycle, several new planetary cycles begin in this lunar month, engaging a plethora of new evolutionary currents in our lives. The Lunar Planner Aug. 25 - Sept. 24


As the Moon grows in the light provided by our Sun, we too grow in the light of our Soul.

Any Night
Binoculars make vivid the colorful hues of planets and stars.
-- Look for reddish Mars, yellowish  Saturn and red Antares in the southwest.
Mars lies east of Saturn. Antares lies east of Mars.
Dusk Map 8/29-9/2 ~ 9/20 Southwest Nightfall ~
Mars and Saturn race toward star Antares in September 2014
-- Mercury hugs the western horizon at Dusk.
Mercury/Moon 8/27-29 ~ More on Mercury ~
9/20 Mercury’s evening apparition favors the Southern Hemisphere
-- View the Summer Triangle a transformational gateway overhead.
Travel the path of the gods through the Summer Triangle into the Milky Way.
-- September's Milky Way Map

Any Morning
-- View Venus and Jupiter in the east.
Venus sinks toward the horizon daily, rising later each day in the twilight.
Jupiter ascends daily, rising earlier each day in a darker sky.
Venus, Regulus pair up below Jupiter at dawn September 5
-- View Orion the Hunter and Sirius the Dog Star in the southeast. Dawn Map/Text

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.

Charting the Heavens
EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps
The Planets
See Night Sky Info for finder charts and info on each planet.
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This lunar cycle, as Nick Fiorenza states is "engaging a plethora of new evolutionary currents in our lives."

It is our work to further develop our ability to receive and be sensitive to zodiacal energies, as we open to Divine communication.

Our meditations during this cycle take us deep into the valley of experience. This is the nurturing place for Divine ideas to be planted within. It's up to us to bring them to Light, and into the high realm of the Divine. From: SouledOut.org / Virgo Festival Global Meditation (2013)

The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the 2014 Virgo Festival Global Meditation. Join with others and become The Chalice to further participate in the distribution of the Life, which in turn implements the Divine Plan on Earth.

Listen with care,
discern with heart,
organize with clarity.
Avoid the extremes of over analysis.
Craft a skillful synthesis.
Replenish health.
Focus on the Now,
and invoke practical wisdom.

- Jacqueline Lasahn / New Moon

Each day during this Virgo Festival lunar cycle "walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet." Thich Nhat Hanh by way of Jacqueline Lasahn


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky