The Blue Pearl

The body is the surface of the mind,
the mind the surface of the soul.

- BKS Iyengar

The Blue Pearl

Among the mystery teachings of the Ageless Wisdom this subject is occult and esoteric, for little definitive information exists in the Wisdom texts about its significance and purpose.

Instead, it's through meditation that we may learn, comprehend, and eventually assimilate the level of higher mind that becomes available through dedicated focus on the Blue Pearl and all that it represents.

One of the exalted functions of the Blue Pearl is to serve as a a portal into the rarified realms.

Contemplation on the Blue Pearl opens the doorway to higher evolution through the myriad of energies and service available in this altogether etheric locale.

As seeds it may be useful to consider the blue disk, a reference used by Alice Bailey, as well as the Cave Center in the head, as Lucille Cedercrans imparted, and open to gleaning the essence of these in relationship to the Blue Pearl.

Two additional references that apply also to this subject are the Chalice and the Jewel in the Lotus.

There is a position, known as "the heart in the head," or "the cave," located at the center of the brain, at the intersection of a vertical line from the crown chakra over the top of the head and a horizontal line from the third eye, or ajna center between the brows. A relaxed yet attentive focus at this point renders the personality stable enough to accurately apprehend the intuition of the soul. The disciple, through a sustained process of rhythmic meditation, through persistent cycles of daily practice, can develop and maintain a center of focus ~ a point for soul contact. An esoteric prerequisite for this discipline is that the practitioner should have established a reliable personality integration. In order for the person to become a useful instrument for the soul's purposes, the three bodies need to be able to operate with coherence and synergy. The development of character is fundamental to the personality's ability to function consistendy as a working unit. For this reason a healthy balance between meditation and service is important ~ meditation develops the connection and service refines the coordination. (1)

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(1) Borupp Productions, “The Soul”

chasing the Blue

The first lesson I learned about the Blue Pearl is that if you try to chase it, it will disappear! My first experience was during a weekend intensive in 1994. At that time, I was curious and looking for my path and this was a new type of experience all together. Although I had practised hatha yoga on and off, read books and did some meditating, this was a much more focused retreat in the presence of a Master. Over the weekend during long stretches of group meditation, in the darkeness of my consciousness, a bright tiny flame would appear! It was a brilliant blue light the size of a sesame seed that appeared once my mind was still and relaxed in the thoughtless state. The Blue Pearl, as it is called, seemed to be ablaze from within itself, so intense and magnetic that I felt myself being propelled toward it as if to be consumed by it's radiance. It was exquisite and unlike anything I'd ever experienced! It sounds scary but on the contrary, it was the most heart opening feeling of total surrender. Of course I was startled the first few times which then made it disappear. It seems that by allowing my mental thoughts to be activated by it, I would lose my calm state of consciousness. But over time, I learned to not react to it but rather, just be present with it without thought. Even then, the Blue Pearl only lasts seconds but those seconds feel like eternity. And during some of my deeper meditations, it will come and go and come again. In the beginning,I read Swami Muktananda's teachings on the Blue Pearl and had some fellow yogis to speak with about it. But the more I obsessed over it the less frequently it would appear. So, after years of developing my yoga and meditation practice, I've learned to just relax into my meditation without desire or expectation. I'm always thrilled to see my beautiful Blue Pearl when it appears out of nowhere like a dear old friend who likes to visit whenever the coast is clear and we can be together in undisturbed time and space and just enjoy each other's company. At times, I find myself in tears over the taste of bliss and its effulgence that it leaves me with,  and the glimpse of what is yet to come.