Look Up! ... 3 Conjunctions End the Sirius Cycle

Hello Sky Gazers,
The Sirius~Leo lunar cycle ends in the early hours of 8/25. During this cycle the energy of Love-Wisdom has been flowing from Sirius, through our Spiritual Kingdom to a soul-tuned humanity. Now is the time for conscious growth as the waning Crescent Moon dissipates its collected solar potential. Enlightenment at a deep level brings clarification of conscious values. Rebirth can occur.

3 Conjunctions: 1.) Morning Venus, Jupiter and the Beehive 2.)Saturn, Zuben Elgenubi and Mars 3.) Regulus and the Sun

Early Morning Wake Up Call! ~ Monday-Saturday, August 18-23
Venus, Jupiter and the Beehive Star Cluster


August 18-23, Monday-Saturday Mornings - Our two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, nestle near each other. They are closest to each other the morning of Aug. 18. These planets are brilliant and easy to see with the unaided eye. View them with binoculars in a dark sky and you'll see the surrounding Beehive Cluster (M44). "At first glance it might seem that a pair of supernovas has gone off inside the cluster—but that's just Venus and Jupiter passing by." NASA Venus and Jupiter rise in the northeast around 5:00am. Clear skies and horizon! See Rise and Set Times for your area.
8/18 Dawn Map ~ 8/20 Dawn Map ~ Jupiter and Beehive star cluster before dawn ~ 8/23 Map/Text

After August 18th, the two worlds [Venus and Jupiter] separate again. The mornings of the 19th, 20th and 21st still reward early risers with a beautiful view, but less so each day. Soon, the balance of pleasure will tip back to sleeping late. There is, however, one additional morning to look. On August 23rd, a slender crescent Moon will join Venus and Jupiter, forming a wide but beautiful triangle approximately 7º on each side. A cosmic triangle shining through the rosy glow of dawn is a nice way to start the day.

Source: NASA: Beautiful Morning Conjunction
Be sure to check out NASA's article and video.

Venus the goddess of Love and Jupiter the beneficent one who expands the heart and mind join with the Beehive star cluster also known as "The Manger" in the constellation Cancer. These thoughts come to mind … Home sweet Home … Home is where the heart is ... Creative group endeavor ... Building a Lighted house wherein Love and Life dwell ... Sirius flow of Love-Wisdom continues ... Divine Plan!

Call upon these celestial bodies and be blessed anew!

Forgiveness or Revenge?
Saturn and Mars Activate Libra's Zuben Elgenubi
Looking SW - August 20, 2014 - 9:00pm

Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

Look Up! Yellowish Saturn and reddish Mars can be seen any evening this week. Look after sunset above the southwestern horizon, before 11:00pm. Golden Arcturus lies above the pair to  the North and reddish Antares lies east of the planetary duo. Binoculars make vivid the colorful hues of these celestial bodies.

BTW: My friend Ted reminds me that Arcturus was the first star other than the Sun to be seen through a telescope during the daytime. Wikipedia attributes this unique observation of Arcturus to the French mathematician and astronomer Jean-Baptiste Morin in the year 1635. (Be eye safe. Please do not ever, ever, ever look at the Sun with binoculars or a telescope.)

Saturn and Mars Activate Libra's Zuben Elgenubi

During the time of Julius Caesar the Romans created Libra as the twelfth constellation to represent Roman justice. They made the two pincer claws of Scorpius, the Zuben stars, into the arms of Libra, the Balance. Libra was once considered the scales of the goddess of Justice, which Virgo the Virgin represented. Review map above.

Zuben Elgenubi is the southern "missing claw" of Scorpius. It has the dual character of forgiveness or revenge.

It is well to remember here the association of this star with a scorpion's claw, used for making love as well as for slaying its prey. It does not let go until one or other matter is complete and onlookers are not sure which of the two acts are in process. Sometimes even the Scorpion seems to get it wrong along the way! Dr. Eric Morse, The Living Stars

Zuben Elgenubi can stimulate vengeance and miscarriages of justice that began in the name of love or it can help repair a relationship at just the right moment and even reconsider an earlier harsher judgment. Saturn and Mars positioned near this star accentuate its energies.

Saturn in Libra – [A] Soul-centre individual with this position will function to administer right judgment in the economic use of energy, whether this be in terms of money, sex, or human justice ... with an impartiality and attunement to what is right and fair in any given life situation.

Mars in Libra – The ~space~ which Mars creates in Libra serves to bring about a distinct demarcation between the Soul and the personality of the individual. Eventually the ~two selves~ come to full awareness of each other. Later on, in Sagittarius, they will join, become the ~one-pointed Disciple~ and come to meet in an even higher expression of self at Initiation in Capricorn.

Wounded relationships are bound to show themselves now. The spiritual balancing act requires yielding on all non-essentials and finding common ground. The Libran Way synthesizes duality with compassion and the right use of opposites. Libra leads between the two great lines of force, allowing the scales of justice to come into balance.

The evolutionary winds of change are blowing strong these days. Can you rise to the occasion by putting out any fires of revenge? Who can you forgive?

The Sun Occults Regulus ~ August 22, 2014
The Sirius Heart / Soul Alignment Is Strengthened

Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

Note: Mercury is too close to the Sun to be seen. The planet reappears in the west during the next lunar cycle.

Regulus, the Lion-Hearted Lawgiver, focuses the evolutionary energies of Sirius toward Earth and acts as a regulator for these liberating emanations of Love-Wisdom.

During this lunar cycle a heart / soul alignment has been established. Regulus, in its unique relationship to the Sun at the heart of our solar system, now joins with the Sun to strengthen this alignment.

Once a year, during Earth's orbit around the Sun, the Sun passes directly in front of Leo's brightest star, Regulus. This occurs because Regulus is positioned almost exactly on the ecliptic. Annually on or near August 22, the Sun (heart of our solar system) occults Regulus (heart star of Leo the Lion), which focuses and regulates the emanations of Sirius (esoterically the heart of our Sun) toward Earth.

In honor of this auspicious annual union / alignment and its effect on our planet and solar system, you may want to meditate using SouledOut.org's 8/10 Sirius~Leo Full Moon Festival Meditation. Be sure to do some evolutionary Sun bathing!

Now is the time for conscious growth, clarification of values and enlightenment at a deep level. Rebirth can occur.


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The Sirius~Leo Cosmic lunar cycle, though ending continues to prepare us for regeneration, transformation, re-birth and spiritual emergence. The heavens are encouraging us to rise up from ourself. We are on a journey of remembering our Godseed within, to become a beacon and receiver for cosmic consciousness. Our heart and soul are being realigned so that we may fulfill our Divine Destiny.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky