Sirius + Rabbit Tracks ~ June 26

... the Sun, Sirius, is closely related to our planetary life ...
- Alice A. Bailey

Highlights ~ Sirius

It’s true that Sirius, the Dog Star, at this time of year is now too close to the Sun to be viewed in the night sky. Yet its influence is especially potent during this auspicious time, around the conjunction of Sirius and the Sun occurring each year at the 4th of July.

Our Sun exactly conjoins Sirius in the sign of Cancer at 14 degrees, this happens between July 4 and 7 and accentuates those qualities associated with Sirius, the closest and brightest star visible from Earth.

Freedom and Liberation are attributes of Sirius, and even though the star is hidden in the Sun’s glare at this time of year we can nonetheless attune to the Sirian blessings available now.

As we bask in the Sun’s light during the long days of summer, we also are bathed in the light emitting from Sirius. Therefore in our meditations we may develop this hookup by attuning to Sirius and absorbing its essence.

Next month during Leo, around the time when Sirius once again becomes visible in early August as it will begin rising before the Sun, a great channel from Sirius via the constellation Leo to our solar system and Earth brings cosmic alignment to our cherished planet and to all the kingdoms. The Path to Sirius is enlivened.

Finding Bunny's Footprints

This month, the Rabbit Tracks that comprise the tail of the Scorpion ~ the constellation Scorpius ~ are visible in the southeast during evening hours.

Some say that Lepus the Hare, being chased by Canis Major the Big Dog (Sirius is the Dog Star) and Orion the Hunter, found refuge on the opposite side of the sky in Scorpio and that the Rabbit Tracks are evidence of the Hare’s safe hiding place.

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