Summer Triangle + Delphinus + Antares ~ June 24

We are moving toward a light that embraces the darkness.
- Ram Dass

Night Sly ~ Summer Triangle

This week in the night sky …

Looking to the northeast this very evening, the sky is dominated by the 3 bright stars of the Summer Triangle ~ the highes is Vega, alpha star in Lyra the Lyre.

Deneb, brightest star in Cygnus, the Swan, is toward the northeast.

And Altair, in Aquila, the Eagle, is lower toward the east.

Delphinus, The Dolphin

Below and to the left of Altair is the distinctive, yet small and faint, constellation Delphinus, the tiny dolphin leaping out of the Milky Way waters.


Face southeast low in the see Antares, the bright red star marking the heart of Scorpius.

High in the southeast, near Arcturus (the orange alpha star in Bootes, the Herdsman), is the semicircle of stars called Corona Borealis, or the Northern Crown.

Below the Crown to the east is the H-shape of Hercules.

They are Wonderous Lives, All!

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