Principle of Unanimity ~ June 20


There is only one Soul in the Universe.
There is no "You" or "me" ...
all variety is merged into the absolute unity,
the one infinite existence – God.

- Swami Vivekananda

Principle of Unanimity

In the ongoing life of the Soul there comes a time when the unity underlying the dualities of physical plane life can be recognized and shared. The quality of this essential oneness has been termed "Unanimity."

Given that one major effect of the Festival of Goodwill is to bring about unification for life on Earth … one way we may assist in achieving this goal is to participate in any of the number of Summer Solstice Global Meditations, beginning tomorrow morning as scheduled over the next few days.

Summer Solstice Global Meditations

Your contributions to this week's new meditation focus, beginning June 15 on the Divine Truths, are most welcome ~ both on the inner planes where we may share subjectively in receptivity, as well as here on WeCycle Wisdom, where your impressions and comments are also valued.

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