The Bliss of Sacrifice ~ June 18


The working disciples throughout the world are struggling with every means at
their disposal to spread the gospel of sacrifice, because only upon sacrifice can
world stability be safely founded ~ the sacrifice of selfishness.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

The Bliss of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is to be found in all realms on Earth, and it pervades the entire universe.

Bliss, we're told by Alice Bailey, is the pure nature of Spirit and may be comprehended only upon the soul's realization of oneness with divine essence, on the level of mind ~ following its at-onement with the personal self.

The Bliss of Sacrifice is applied not just in the surrender of the lower self to reveal the higher. The bliss referred to is a profound effect of service, calling moreover for the death of that which is higher in the order and scale of being, in order to release that which is lower.

When the individual perceives themself as a part of a greater life, they become willing to sacrifice the needs of the separated self for the greater good belonging to all of life.

We develop the Bliss of Sacrifice, sharing freely with the One Life. From this vantage point, we recognize that all Life is One, therefore nothing has been lost.
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