Principle of Goodwill ~ June 16


... matter will be redeemed by the sacrificial will of Those Who know,
by the will-to-good of Those Who are, and by the goodwill of those ...
who have turned their faces to the light and who in turn reflect that light.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and The Initiations

Principle of Goodwill

In the past, goodwill has been a dream, a theory, a negative force. It can be developed into a fact, a functioning reality, and a positive force. This is the work of the people of goodwill who are found everywhere, ready to be directed into effective and efficient activity, as agents of goodwill and of that which has never been, as yet, truly practiced ~ right human relations.

The theme of the living consciousness of the planetary Logos is forever and unchangeably the great Hierarchy of Being, that chain of life in which the smallest link is of importance, and the greatest link is related to the smallest through the electrical interplay of spiritual energy. From one important angle of life, all is Hierarchy ~ linking sun with sun, star with star, solar system with solar system, planet with planet, and all planetary lives with each other.

From the standpoint of our planetary evolution, there is naught but love, naught but goodwill and the will-to-good. This exists already, and its true manifestation is nearer today than at any time in planetary history. *

The major keynote of every planetary initiation, even to the very highest, is relationship. We know not what other qualities may be revealed to the initiate on other paths, yet there is the truth that the goal of all endeavor upon our planet is right relations between each and every person and between the human and Deity, between all expressions of divine life, from the tiniest atom up and on into infinity.

This very process of the practice of goodwill is a potent factor. From the highest energy sources, the great Life stream of Wholeness pours energy downward into manifested form. The opportunity and responsibility to redeem matter, to raise it to its highest vibration, is vested in humanity.

Goodwill must be brought down from the mental plane to become active on the physical plane. The will-to-good of the group Soul, as opposed to the human soul on the plane of mind, can then augment the goodwill and become the touchstone which will transform the world.

The intelligent activity of the energy of goodwill and its expression through Wisdom ~ Knowledge gained through experience and implemented with Love ~ is the task assigned to all people of goodwill throughout the world.

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* Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy