Goodwill to All ~ June 14

There are no problems and conditions which cannot be solved by the will-to-good.
- Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Goodwill to All and to All the Will to Good

Goodwill has been called a saving force in the midst of world need. Its keynote is liberation of the human spirit, releasing consciousness into more creative livingness.

The immediate challenge with which humanity is faced is that of gradually eliminating hatred, replacing it with a "trained, imaginative, creative, and practical goodwill."

Goodwill becomes dynamic, and when called into action is able to bridge cleavages, to bring reconciliation and an end to disputes.

The supply of goodwill in the world today is limited only by the minds of human beings. According to the Old Commentary as shared by Alice A. Bailey, part of the Plan for this cycle is goodwill for all people, and through all people, goodwill.

One of the tasks the Spiritual Hierarchy wishes to see accomplished at this time is that of an increase of goodwill in all aspects of form life, the Tibetan informs us through Bailey. Goodwill is contagious, and once set in motion it will permeate the world consciousness so that right human relations will be more rapidly established. In this effort right human relations and goodwill mutually stimulate and support each other.

The goodwill of the person in the street is based on an innate divine tendency, often unrecognized but ever present. The goodwill of the disciple, expressed in the Will-to-Good of the Soul, is based on knowledge and a resonant receptivity to energies released from Shamballa, the Center of Life, Spirit, Will, and Synthesis, where the Will-to-Good of the Whole is practiced.

Through intelligent understanding of the needs of humanity and of the problems humanity faces today, the active practice and use of the goodwill leads to right relations in all areas of experience, and to the discovery of creative solutions to disruptive situations.

Goodwill is actually far more widespread than humanity thinks. And recognition and education will set this will-to-good in motion, as people recognize their responsibility and the opportunity being presented. A loosely organized world group is emerging, with members powerfully linked subjectively, and a new World Order can begin to shape the future. The New Group of World Servers provides such an organism.

All spiritually inclined people who work to anchor right human relations, all who practice goodwill and seek to love their fellow humanity unemotionally, impersonally, and without sentiment, are an integral part of the New Group of World Servers.

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