Goodwill Festival Audio Archive ~ June 11

Goodwill Festival Audio

I am no longer the wave of consciousness thinking itself separated from the sea of
cosmic consciousness. I am the ocean of Spirit that has become the wave of human life.

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Goodwill Festival Audio Archive

The Festival of Goodwill takes place on the inner planes. A synthesis occurs, in which the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity further blend their attention towards empowering the will from Shamballa that came through at Wesak. It is now that we apply love-wisdom energies, willfully directing love and light to that which propagates the Principle of Goodwill and right human relations.

Our conscious cooperation and dedication to service throughout this cycle of planetary springtime festivals creates a potent energy. In group meditation we have built the channel which carries the energy to further reveal our relationship with the Divine Life.

A Lighted World ... a sacred planet. The more we serve, the more we are enlivened.

The Cosmic Christ is ever more present in our world. The New Group of World Servers and all aligned with the Hierarchy to receive the blessings sent forth at the Wesak are now nourished and fortified by this love for the coming great work, the "Come-to-Union" communion.

Look Up! ~ Goodwill Festival and the Galactic Heart

Your contributions to this week's new meditation focus, beginning June 8 on the the Festival of Goodwill, are most welcome ~ both on the inner planes where we may share subjectively in receptivity, as well as here on WeCycle Wisdom, where your impressions and comments are also valued.

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