Look Up! ... The Galactic Goodwill Lunar Cycle Is Here

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
May 28, 11:40am PDT marked the beginning of the 2014 Goodwill lunar cycle that ends June 27, 1:08am PDT. The Goodwill Festival is the third of the three major planetary Full Moon Festivals that occur in the spring. The first, April 15, aligned with the Christ (Easter), the second, May 14, aligned with the Buddha (Wesak) and the third, June 12/13, with the spiritual and Divine nature of humanity (Goodwill). These Festivals form a spiritual high point of the year.

Forces of Divine Will that affect the nations of the world are released during this lunar cycle. These reconstructive energies can foster national life, world unity, peace and progress. Goodwill, and humanity's aspiration toward manifesting its essential divinity and right human relations are keynotes of this lunar cycle. This cycle also aligns with the ascension process. May 29, the day following the New Moon, was Ascension Day.

Lunar Theme: Pioneering Action Ensuring a Nurturing & Sustainable Infrastructure "This New Moon occurs amongst the stars of the Hyades in Taurus ... conjoining Ain ... and Aldebaran, the eyes of the Bull. The Hyades produce somewhat of a tempestuous nature, which can manifest as distracting commotion or disrupting events, but which impels pioneering and constructive action to create solution for our physical wellbeing ... to establish a new or more wholesome infrastructure in our lives." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

The Young Moon Guides Us to Planets and Stars
How Many Will You See and Identify?
Gemini and the Goodwill Festival

Image: Sky and Telescope

Approximate Set Times:
Friday - Sunday, May 30, 31, June 1
Moon: 10:00pm, 10:45pm, 11:25pm
Mercury 10:05pm ~ Jupiter 11:15pm
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

At the end of May and in June the Gemini Twins, Pollux representing the soul and Castor the personality, can be seen united, standing tall on the western horizon at sunset. May and June are also the months of graduations and marriages and the Goodwill Festival, all of which have to do with unity and standing tall.

May 30, Friday, a whisker thin Crescent Moon lies to the left of Mercury. Both hug the west-northwest horizon. Binoculars are helpful in spotting Mercury and are treat when viewing the Moon.

May 31, Saturday, Jupiter is lovely above Crescent Luna and above Jupiter lies Pollux, one of the Gemini Twins. These 3 celestial bodies form an almost straight vertical line.

June 1, Sunday, slender, waxing  Crescent Luna lines-up with the Gemini Twins, Pollux and Castor, to the right. Moon, Jupiter, Mercury in west after sunset in early June

The waxing Crescent Moon brings up obstacles from the past that can impede the new incoming energies and one's growth in consciousness. The work to overcome these obstacles begins with this lunar phase.

Gemini and the Goodwill Festival
Jupiter ~ Mercury Retrograde

It is said in Esoteric Astrology that the Human Kingdom was born of the Animal and Spiritual Kingdoms with the help of the fluid synthesizer, Gemini. Humanity's ongoing evolution and spiritual aspiration are inextricably linked to the fluid interplay of Gemini's dual nature. Gemini's Twin energies, Castor representing form and Pollux the spirit, though opposites are united and together do something greater than either can alone.

Emanations of spiritual aspiration, cooperation, right relations, unity and a divine sense of the Whole are focused through the constellation Gemini, and potently impress humanity during the sign of Gemini (May 20 - June 20) and its Goodwill Full Moon Festival.

In 2014 during the sign of Gemini (May 20 - June 20), Jupiter lies in the constellation of Gemini while moving easterly toward Gemini's twin stars, Castor and Pollux. Review map above. At their best, Jupiter and the Gemini Twins harmonize and blend mental energy for the purpose of clarifying the expression of Love in life. In 2014 Jupiter augments Gemini's quality of Goodwill.

Mercury is retrograde from June 7-July 1. Scroll 1/4 down this page to see a movie of Mercury's retrograde path.

Mercury begins its retrograde around the Gate of Man at the Foot of the Gemini Twins, also conjoining the Sword of Orion and Mekalinan of the Charioteer. Mercury's retrograde completes early on in the following lunar cycle. This period brings opportunity to establish new or redefine existing alliances in our lives and in ways that support the mutual wellbeing of all parties. It also brings impetus to clarify how we communicate and interact on a daily basis. It can also stimulate changes or renegotiations in allegiances between countries or organizations in business and commerce. Nick Fiorenza / Lunar Cycle 5/28/14 - 6/27/14

Galactic and solar system energies meet at the Gate of Man found at the Foot of the Gemini Twins. It is here that the Galactic Equator (Milky Way Galaxy) intersects the ecliptic (path of our Sun and planets). Helpful Image Gemini is therefore both a galactic and solar plane constellation. The Gemini Twins, Castor (form / personality) and Pollux (soul), work hand-in-hand integrating cosmic (soulic) energies into our everyday Earth plane existence.

BTW: The Goodwill Festival Full Moon always lies in the bulging Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy, which is located in the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius. Galactic Center Map "Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart" is discussed below.

To learn more about Gemini and the Goodwill Festival just click the link.

As the Moon grows in the light provided by our Sun, we too grow in the light of our Soul.

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for the
planets, Sun and Moon in your area.

Any Morning
Look for dazzling Venus in the east before sunrise.
Use binoculars to catch the star Aldebaran hugging the horizon.
Be eye safe. Don't look at the Sun with binoculars!
June Dawn Map

Any Night
View 2 bright triangles:
-Arcturus, Mars and Saturn
-The Summer Triangle: Vega, Altair, Deneb
Triangles, Triangles - Part 2! (5-min. Video)

Travel to 6 stars in 5 constellations.
Big Dipper Navigation

Crow, Cup and Water Snake sail the southern sky

June 4, Wednesday
Today is Shavuot a time when the people of Israel
became a nation committed to serving God.
This is the last night of the waxing Crescent lunar phase.
Look for the widest Crescent Moon tonight.
Moon pairs up with the Royal Star Regulus on June 4
Regulus is about Higher Law, vertical integrity and living the Truth.
Personal integrity, our inner vertical attunement, must precede
any horizontal humanitarian participation in the world.

June 5,Thursday - First Quarter Moon exact: 1:39pm PDT (20:39 UT).
This phase signals a balance between light and dark, moving toward the light.
Ideally obstacles impeding the new incoming awareness are overcome now.
This must happen if the energy released with the coming Full Moon is to be utilized.
Look for Luna in the daylight. She rises in the east around 12:30pm and
lies in the south just before sunset
Tonight's Moon lies between blue-white Regulus and red Mars.

June 6-7, Friday-Saturday
Waxing moon close to the red planet Mars evening June 6
Moon and Mars pair up June 7. 6/7 Map ~ 6/7-9 Map
Mars now lies near the star Porrima of Virgo the Virgin. Mars the warrior who knows
action, interaction and death unites with intuitive and guiding Porrima the goddess of
childbirth and prophecy. Perhaps this prophesizes a spiritual, virgin birth, an evolution
beyond the mortal death/life cycle to a conscious alignment with the eternal Self.
Allow a spiritual quickening to take place within you.

June 8-11, Sunday-Wednesday
June 8 is Pentecost.
June 8-11 the waxing Gibbous Moon dances near Mars, Spica, Saturn and Antares.
Fun and Informative 5-min. Video
This lunar phase offers illumination and growth,
only if the obstacles from the past are cleared away.
Prepare for the Goodwill Festival of June 12/13
Goodwill Festival Invite

Charting the Heavens
EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps
The Planets
See Night Sky Info for finder charts and info on each planet.

June's Full Honey Moon
Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart
Aldebaran / Antares Axis ~ Healing of the Nations

Image: Huron River Watershed Council

Full Moon Exact: Thursday/Friday, June 12/13, 2014 -
9:11pm PDT June 12 (04:11 UT June 13)

June's Full Honey Moon

The Full Moon nearest the summer solstice is known as the Honey Moon. In 2014 the Honey Moon and the Goodwill Festival Full Moon are one and the same, occurring June 12/13 at the time listed below the image.

The Honey Moon is always located low in the sky opposite the high summer Sun. This Moon is more yellow or honey golden in appearance due to the thicker atmosphere and pollution through which its light must pass. Perhaps this Moon is a reminder of June weddings and honeymoon couples or the honey wine (mead) that newlyweds drank each day for a month in some countries of Europe. May this Honey Moon bring you the harmonious marriage of Spirit and form.

Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart

With each Goodwill Festival there is a festival in the heavens. It occurs as the Full Moon enters the white ether of the Milky Way. Each year the Goodwill Festival Full Moon lies in the bulging Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. This central hub and widest part of the Milky Way lies in the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius. The Galactic Center is found here. GC Map

The Sagittarian Archer aims his arrow toward the Galactic Heart and red Antares, the transformative heart of the cosmic Scorpion, Scorpius. Sagittarius sees the vision for humanity and knows the way to go, toward an all inclusive heart, goodwill and transformation.

In 2014 the Goodwill Full Moon conjoins the Galactic Center. 2014 Full Moon Map This Festival is enlivened by the potent center of the Galactic Heart! During this sacred time the galactic magnetic field carries a blessing to ALL on Earth. Its highest effect is world unity.

Aldebaran / Antares Axis ~ Healing of the Nations

Each year the Goodwill lunar cycle activates the alignment that exists between Aldebaran, the star of illumination in the constellation Taurus, and Antares, the heart star of Scorpius. The New or young Moon lies near Aldebaran, while the Full or nearly Full Moon lies near Antares.

Directly opposite Antares in the sidereal center of Taurus is Aldebaran, eye of the Bull. The Aldebaran / Antares axis is indicative of political systems, their people, and their opposing politics. Aldebaran holds and radiates vision for ideal physical logistics for authorities to put in place so as to aid the peoples of the Earth through evolutionary process and transition. Antares ensures that the current and accepted approaches and visions do not become static or antiquated. Antares ensures growth, evolution and change. Nick Fiorenza

The energies released at the Goodwill Festival are forces of the Divine Will that affect the healing of the nations. The Aldebaran / Antares Axis is significant in radiating these evolutionary energies and stimulating those groups, individuals and powers actively involved with the nations of the world.

In 2014 the Goodwill New Moon conjoins Aldebaran and the almost Full Moon conjoins Antares. 5/28 New Moon Map ~ 6/11 Antares/Moon Map

In 2014 Venus can be seen west of Aldebaran in the morning sky. Saturn can be seen west of Antares in the evening sky. Maps/Text ~ Esoteric Venus ~ Esoteric Saturn

To learn more about the Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart just click the link.

Join the folks at SouledOut.org for the 2014 Goodwill Festival of Unification Meditation.


This Goodwill lunar cycle, which peaks with the June 12/13 Full Moon Festival and ends June 27 is releasing forces of the Divine Will that affect the nations of the world. These energies are seeding our vision, and in turn enlightening our behavior for a spiritually infused leadership. We are being driven to take action and create a new or more wholesome infrastructure in our lives. The Spirit of Humanity is being enlivened for the purpose of goodwill, unification, reconstruction, and a regenerative transformation.

Reflection, discovery, analysis, busyness.
Intuition bridges the spectrum..

- Jacqueline Lasahn / New Moon


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky