New Moon Spiritual Focus

New Moon

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages

Actual New Moon time ...
Wednesday, May 28, 2015 @ 11:40 am PDT / 18:40 UT ...

Suggested Meditation
To achieve a Heart filled with Love and Compassion,
Igniting the Creative Spark of our Divine Essence ~

Great Path of the Clear Plane

Align Top of the Head, Sea of Fire,
Supreme Bliss, Nirvana
and Breathe in

Lungs Fill with the Breath of Life Itself,
Heart Expands
Embodying Joy

Outbreath ... Embrace Happiness
Expressing All!
Just Be It!

Happy Buddha!
Maitreya Buddha ... The Coming One Is Here!

Tag, you're It!


Great Path of the Clear Plane, Sea of Fire ... Bliss

Just Be!

- Living and Dying Are as One


Inner work with Sanat Kumara

Invoking his Presence and visualizing him during new moon days helps to align our personal desires with the divine Plan and to restructure our desire body. The desire is not killed, but realigned through the contact with the higher planes. Thus Sanat Kumara dissolves the undesired patterns of our personality. We can visualize that we are entering into Shamballa, that we are standing at the entrance of the Ashram, waiting for the grace of Sanat Kumara.

- from Circle of Goodwill Taurus 2010 (VI:10) newsletter

Your contributions to the week's meditation focus on the New Moon, beginning Sunday May 25, are most welcome ~ both on the inner planes where we may share subjectively in receptivity, as well as here on WeCycle Wisdom, where your impressions and comments are also valued.

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If you dedicate yourself to service, the doors will open.
- Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan