The Cosmic Paths ~ May 21

Cosmic Paths

The 7 Cosmic Paths

If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path.
- The Buddha

In our focus this week on the Principle of Decision, we may look to the Cosmic Path of Higher Evolution to further understand our connection to the Life More Abundant.

As each of us takes responsibility for applying our highest dedication to Purpose, one's life becomes the Path, itself.

Becoming the Path itself refers to our construction of the connecting channel between the outer, concrete world and the inner planes of the abstract ideal, linking us to the larger, cosmic perspective. This is an outgrowth of the ongoing sacrifice we make in service to the One.

The concept of Being the Path is expressed in the words of the Esoteric Catechism pledge of the disciple: "I am the Cross, I am the Way; I tread upon the work I do."

Considering the 7 Cosmic Paths comprising the Way to Higher Evolution, the constellation Taurus corresponds to Path VI, "one on which the Masters in training have to work with the devas who are so frequently the mobile agents of the creative process in solar creation." *

Our developing understanding of this Path of the Logos may bring awareness of inner cosmic vision and response to cosmic vibration, especially as we consider the relationship between Sanat Kumara, our Solar Logos, Deva evolution and the greater destiny of Humanity.

This path relates to development of inner sight, and of cosmic vision, and of deva evolution. The association of the Taurus cycle with Higher Path VI is in part through mutual connection with the Pleiades star cluster and Venus (exoteric ruling planet of Taurus).

Through the practice of cosmic identification we may begin to understand the nature of Spirit, for to bring Spirit fully into our daily lives is service to the One.

Path VI ~ The Path of the Solar Logos

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* The Rays and the Initiations, Alice A. Bailey, p. 422