Buddha, Christ + Humanity

Buddha, Christ + Humanity

The Buddha, The Christ and Humanity

The Buddha, Whose festival we are celebrating, and the Christ, Who
expresses to us the unchanging love of God, are still with us, and the
Hierarchy stands as a bulwark of strength between us and possible disaster;
this centre of spiritual life is "like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land".

- Alice A. Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Considering the 3 Great Approaches … we may look to the triad of Buddha, Christ and Humanity as consecutive emblems for each of these major spiritual milestones in Earth's becoming a sacred planet.

The Buddha represents the 1st Approach of Individuation, that verified and qualified the existence of the human soul. The 1st Approach heralded the arrival of Light upon planet Earth, adding Humanity to the already existing 3 kingdoms ~ Mineral, Plant and Animal.

Each and every human individual~soul may progress to the next level through application of the Buddha’s 3 D's ~ Detachment, Dispassion and Discrimination.

Representating the 2nd Approach of Initiation, the Christ shared with humanity the realization of the path to God. The inherent Love in this process brought ~ and continues to bring ~ the spiritual kingdom close to humanity.

The Christ’s 3 I's ~ Individualism, Initiation, Identification ~ describe the respective theme of each of the 3 Approaches. Through Christ’s example the Divine Plan is portrayed, in demonstration of our evolutionary progress.

Identifying as Spirit we may contact our Divine monadic essence and are able to willfully express our Divinity, as individuals within the larger group life.

The 3rd Approach relates to the Principle of Decision and the 3 P's ~ Penetration, Polarization, and Precipitation. To bring this Approach into outward manifestation requires dedicated application of the Buddha's 3 D's along with demonstration of the Christ's 3 I's.

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The Christ . The Buddah . The Matraiya

At the New Moon of May the Cosmic tumblers were rolling

To me triple numbers suddenly appear

A large advertising sign on a main road in My neighbourhood  Had changed over night to 333 DDD

That was great enough,  then the article on the 3D's, the 3 I's and the 3 P,s appeared

Mother Meera also came to my consciouness one morning in last week as well

The energy reads as tension - The tensions generated as the divine mother & Father integrate and coil as they are creating a unimaginable umbilicus of  light

Love from Brisbane Australia to my Souledout family and the planetary Ashram

My non form self went to Shamballa some years ago at the exact time of the full moon 

That is another story - Love you all

Deb Wenham Brisbane Australia