Life of Buddha ~ May 4


The Story of Buddha

In separateness lies the world's greatest misery;
in compassion lies the world's true strength.

- Gautama Buddha

The historical Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, and died during Taurus. A cornerstone of his teaching, the 4 Noble Truths, reveals how to gain liberation from the suffering caused by desire.

A mantram for Taurus is "give it up to the universe," in order to surrender to the greater Will of Spirit, giving up control of the little personal will. In Taurus is found a burning desire to know and to gain knowledge through experience. Again, there is a connection to the Buddha’s teaching through his example of developing mind as a means to attain enlightenment.

The Buddha portrays the 1st Great Approach of Divinity to planet Earth, that brought in enough additional light to verify the existence of the human soul. Essentially, this inaugurated Humanity as a Kingdom, adding a fourth classification of Life on Earth to the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

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