Invoking Compassion ~ April 29


Compassion Prayer

Compassion is essentially the right use of the pairs of opposites.
- Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II

Continuing with our New Moon Alignment meditation focus, the Spirit of Compassion calls for us to open our hearts in preparation for the upcoming Wesak Festival.

Compassion is a keynote of human evolution and is the highest manifestation of love itself. The great Law of Compassion affirms the second ray nature of our solar system—Love-Wisdom. Through the Law of Compassion, the peace and happiness of each becomes the concern of all.

As spiritual beings, we may look to the Buddha's qualities of detachment, dispassion, and discrimination … these evoke true compassion. Criticism then becomes impossible, and the Divinity in all is known.

Compassion is neither emotional nor sentimental. It is the blended energies of love and will, expressing as sacrifice through service to all life.

Annually at the Wesak Festival, the Buddha's sacrifice on behalf of humanity is our greatest example of compassion.

"Come-passion" wells up spontaneously in one's heart, generating a river of kindness. That kindness continually benefits countless numbers of beings and yet leaves no trace of its owner.

In the human heart is found the nature of Deity itself. The statement that "God is love" is founded on this deepest, recognized, spiritual fact.

Compassion is no attribute. It is the law of Laws—eternal harmony … a shoreless, universal essence, the light of everlasting right and fitness of things, the law of love eternal.
                         - H. P. Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence

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This man was courageous and compassionate…

Kindness and compassion toward all living things is the mark of a civilized society.

Cesar Chavez

HH The Dalai Lama on Compassion

True compassion is not just an emotional response, but a firm commitment founded on reason. Therefore, a truly compassionate attitude toward others does not change, even if they behave negatively. Through universal altruism, you develop a feeling of responsibility for others: the wish to help them actively overcome their problems.