Earthquake in China ~ Tibetan Foothills

As we can see, earthquakes

As we can see, earthquakes have been happening all around the globe. This is terrible. The latest is in China, where a lot of people died (My condolences to the victims and their families). I think people should be blamed for this catastrophes. We always tend to do harm instead of good to the environment. We should all get together now and save the world coz this is the place where we live in. Without it, we'll be nothing.

Who is responsible?

Our spiritual teacher said that to be responsible is to be responsive. It's really up to us.

The quote from's Calendar on June 5 speaks to this, from Alice Bailey:

The problem of cataclysms ... will be found to be related to the inflow of unused and unrecognized energy which is capable of right direction and right purpose and for the furthering of the Plan, if the aspirants and disciples of the world will shoulder their group responsibilities, submerge their personalities, and achieve true realization.
- Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic