Purification and Lent


The Season of Lent

Those who follow the path of service, who have completely purified themselves
and conquered their senses and self-will, see the Self in all creatures
and are untouched by any activity they perform.

- Bhagavad Gita

Purification Meditation

In a moment of crisis with the words, "not my will, but thine be done," divine will is anchored on earth. This will is expressed in right human relationships, in all fields, in politics, the arts, economic expression, social living, science and religion. With the help of each of us this thread of divine will can become a cable of ascension for humanity and of descent for the loving, living spirit of God.

Only one's supreme spirituality is stronger than that which would hold or bind, and only one's supreme love can change its nature into that which does not hold or bind. Only now can a pledge previously taken be said in the heart, "I will love." One no longer desires love, or asks for love, or looks for love. One now gives love.

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Decorating our Auric Egg for the Rising ONE ~_~

The Cosmic Bunny and Easter Bunny have come to call...


Let's Lighten Things UP

From the inside out....

So They've gathered the Rainbow of Earth's Elementals

The Encounter of Love's Sun and Rain

and illuminated the Seed of Life

in the Heart of Our Heart's

and the ONE Cosmic Egg.


Have Fun with the Full Spectrum of Light  ~_~

Radiating it from within....

Seeing the Seed, and the Magic of Aries Bunnies

give birth to LUMINESCENT Colours




Anchored in One Precious BLUE PEARL

called EARTH.


Let Shiva's Elemental yet Cosmic Waters flow through us

Consecrating One Earth

Embodied Heart of a UNIVERSAL Being

Allowing the the Witness of SPIRIT,

EARTH's Water


OUR Blood consecrate the Sacred Grail We are.


Let LIGHT, Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth

Let LIGHT, Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth





OM.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d0mSGmE9RA