Aries Legendary Journey of Hercules ~ April 16

Aries Hercules

Aries Legendary Journey of Hercules

When life is hard, the spiritually conscious stop and evaluate. They pray for that burst of energy
that makes all things new---for a vision, a hope and a renewal of the will to keep moving in the
given direction. The Easter-Aries full moon releases a burst of spiritual force to planetary life that
offers hope and the strength to move toward healing, renewed creation, and bountiful reproducing.

- Rev. Carol E. Parrish, Ph.D.

The Spirit of Sacrifice

Aries is a point on the Cardinal Cross, the Cross of the Risen One ~ The Cosmic Christ, and thus is closely connected to initiation. The four energies of this Cross govern and direct the soul as it moves forward upon the Path of Initiation.

With the practice of surrendering our earthly nature to the Divine, the greatest good does come forth and we become the Risen One. This Risen One is the Cosmic Christ ~ Divinity, or Spirit ~ and is held in present time as the Coming One.

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