Aries Festival Overview ~ April 15

Aries Festival

Aries Festival of the Risen One ~ Overview

On this day, energy, qualified by the nature of life and the love of God,
flows toward us on the tide of life from our solar center, the Sun.

- Lucis Trust

Aries Festival of the Risen One ~ Audio Programs

The first of the three major spiritual planetary festivals, The Festival of The Risen One, is celebrated at the full moon during Aries and in the western hemisphere has been observed traditionally as Easter, on the following Sunday.

This Festival is the present time Festival of the Risen, Living Christ, and honors the spirit of resurrection and the birth of Divine ideas. The consciousness of the heart ~ the energy of Love as represented by the Spiritual Hierarchy ~ is recognized, and the nature of God’s Love is emphasized at this time.

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It Is Written in the Heavens

Our Divine Easter Inheritance Is Annually Written in the Heavens:

Each year Easter's Full Moon draws our attention to Virgo the Virgin and her Heavenly Holy Grail. The emanations of this constellation nurture the seed of our innate divinity and spiritual awareness.

Virgo the Virgin along with both the willful focus of Arcturus, a luminary north of Virgo, and the open receptivity of Spica, the Virgin's brightest star, help each of us give birth to our divinity, to our Christ consciousness.

Each year the Sun opposite Easter's Full Moon is positioned in Pisces the World Savior. The emanations of this constellation free us from the subservience to and the limitations of form. These energies, enlivened and showered upon us by the rays and power of the Sun, ultimately end the darkness of matter forever.

Pisces the World Savior lies beneath Pegasus the "Doorway to Paradise."

The dual relationship of Easter's Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces tunes us to the fact that we are born to be a Divine Light in the World. Living as the Light we save the world from darkness and the Doorway to Paradise opens allowing us to experience new dimensions of reality.

In 2014 ...

A Full Moon total lunar eclipse and retrograde Mars lie in the Virgin's Holy Grail. Uranus and Mercury join the Sun in Pisces the World Savior. Mars and Uranus opposite each other form half of a Grand Cross that peaks April 23/24.

This total lunar eclipse is the first of two in April and the first of a rare tetrad, 4 consecutive total eclipses occurring 6 months apart.

The Heavenly Holy Grail expands on all of the above information and provides helpful maps and links.

May the heavens bless you and expand your horizons.
Susan Sun at The Night Sky