Aries Festival of the Risen One ~ April 13

Aries Festival

Aries Festival of the Risen One

From the Point of Light Within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our Minds
Let Light descend on Earth
- The Great Invocation

The first of the three major spiritual planetary festivals, The Festival of The Risen One, is celebrated at the full moon during Aries and in the western hemisphere has been observed traditionally as Easter, on the following Sunday.

This Festival is the present time Festival of the Risen, Living Christ, and honors the spirit of resurrection and the birth of Divine ideas. The consciousness of the heart ~ the energy of Love as represented by the Spiritual Hierarchy ~ is recognized, and the nature of God’s Love is emphasized at this time.

The Forces of Restoration are particularly active during the time of the Aries Festival. These forces emanate from the MIND of God; they are connected with the intelligence principle in the divine nature, stimulating human intellect.

This restorative energy is especially creative, bringing the Life which produces the birth of forms. It stimulates the mass intelligence, causing humanity to think, plan, and take action, producing neither good nor bad results ~ simply the awakening of our minds so we may take intelligent action.

The action itself is necessarily dependent upon the mental type of people who respond to the Forces of Restoration. It's being conditioned by their point in evolution, the character of their background, traditions, and religious and cultural reactions.

These forces are now active in every land, and while they may produce increased initial difficulties, the energies will eventually lead to an overall reorganization of our collective life. The effects are primarily physical. Their objective is the production of the new Earth and all the outer evidences of an inflowing New Life.

Preparing for an Aries Full Moon Ritual

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