Yoga of Synthesis ~ April 9

Yoga of Synthesis

Yoga of Synthesis

The sage embraces time and space and joins it all together into a single whole.
- Chuang-Tze

The 3rd Great Approach relates to the Life aspect, Synthesis, and Monadic orientation, heralding the New Age presently occurring in planet Earth’s grand experience.

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Earth Rite

....Wheels within wheels
like the workings of a Cosmic
ALight an Electric Manifestation
of Brain Neurons firing
and a Rewiring to the One Mind.

Solar Rays illumine
an Opening of the Door
that never shuts
for Souls Aspiring for the
Conscious Mind Connection
Where Compassion
and Divine Order
never falter
and Strength of Direction
and Purpose
find the Serpent's tail in Mouth
with the Creative word
of Ouroborus
made Manifest.

Celestial Serpent of Light
---you are indeed intuited
to circle the Milky Way
 of our Consciousness
as Solar Paths
find the Alpha and Omega
of a Destined
Stellar Designed Journey.

Let us find Our Minds
Centered in that
Shadowed Tree of Life,
that Left & Right Brain
Yin & Yang
might find the Razor Edged Balance
Restorative Justice,
Equitable Sharing,
Wise Hearts
Knowing of the
Universality of
Compassionate Consciousness
"holds" us
in the Centre of Light.