Recognizing The 3rd Great Approach

3 Great Approaches

The 3rd Great Approach relates to the Life aspect, Synthesis, and Monadic orientation, heralding the New Age presently occurring in planet Earth’s grand experience.

This evolutionary Approach relating spirit and matter is the third of three tremendous events during the Earth’s vast history, each marking an altogether immense breakthrough in the relationship between the sacred and the mundane, between Heaven and Earth.

In our annual experience of the springtime Spiritual Festivals and the full moon in Aries~Libra lunar cycle, the significance of The 3rd Great Approach may be contemplated in light of the greater perspective calling for Service, leading to Synthesis.

Adding to our exploration on of The Third Approach, the following linked synthesis from the Wisdom teachings ~

The Three Great Approaches

Invoking clarity and understanding, we may contemplate “the will of God in a new and potent livingness” via a series of meditation seeds pertaining to this topic.

Your contributions to this meditation focus are most welcome, both on the inner planes where we may share subjectively about The 3rd Great Approach, as well as here on WeCycle Wisdom, where your impressions and comments are also valued.

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Lead us toward a speech, which is as beautiful as silence,
and toward a silence, which is as beautiful as the sweetest and truest of words.

~ Jean-Yves Leloup

Call on Your Inner Avatar as We Invoke the Third Great Approach

As we await the coming Avatar of Peace, we can call on our inner avatars to help us get through the challenges our beautiful blue planet and its inhabitants are experiencing. 

May this offering from one of our very divine human avatars, Thich Nhat Hahn, assist us with this healing special Bell Chant meditation. (15 seconds of commercial preceeds the holy message and spectacular images of life on Earth).

May compassion and patience be our guides today and all the days until the Great Awakening of Earth and we're beaming out to the Universe our great Lights of Life.

Om Tat Sat