Look Up! ... Dubhe, Sirius Stimulation

Greetings Sky Watchers,
August 6, 2:51pm PDT marked the beginning of the new lunar cycle that ends September 5, 4:35 am PDT. We are now in the time between two Sirius ~ Leo Full Moon Festivals (July 22 + Aug. 20). Together we hold the high interlude, the sacred pause, for this two-part cosmic event. The August 20 Full Moon is an opportunity to deepen contact with the Sirian force––to fully connect with extraplanetary energies and strengthen our group alignment within the greater evolutionary context. The folks at SouledOut.org invite you to participate in the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival II Global Meditation.

Sirius reappears during this lunar cycle. Our brightest star in the heavens first briefly reappeared heralding the morning Sun August 7, the day after the New Moon. Sirius gets easier to see each following morning before sunrise. When will you see Sirius? Hmmm ... It's auspicious, as if Sirius is becoming more present in our physical world as the lunar cycle unfolds.

Big Dipper of the Great Bear Constellation Ursa Major
The Dubhe-Sirius-New Moon Connection

Image: Jerry Lodriguss

The seven stars of the Big Dipper are esoterically known as the Seven Rishis and correspond to the head centers in the body of a Great Being. Each of these stars transmits a ray of energy into our solar system. These seven rays are the givers of life to all on this earth.

Note: Alcor, a small star in the bend of the Dipper's handle, difficult to see by many with the unaided eye, is not considered a Rishi.

Our New Moon ... lies in sidereal Cancer ... Conjoining stars include Dubhe of the Great Bear ... [these] stars impel us to strive for a greater vision beyond the accepted political-religious dogmas of the human world ... Pursuing a Greater Vision and the Acceleration of Revolutionary Change by Nick Fiorenza 8/6-9/5, 2013 Lunar Month

Dubhe and Merak are the pointer stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. (see image above) They form a line that points to our guiding North Star, Polaris. (Dubhe is closer to Polaris.) Helpful Image/Description ~ Star Pronunciation

Our August 6 New Moon, in conjunction with Dubhe opens the doorway for us to pursue a greater vision for humanity, one that breaks free of beliefs that are deemed to be true.

The energy emanating from Dubhe guides humanity upon our journey into physical form. This star is characterized by the quality of Love-Wisdom, known as the Second Ray, in its highest expression. With its quality of Love-Wisdom, Dubhe evokes the soul-infused personality. Its stimulation of the heart and the head leads to unification and spiritual vision. The path of least resistance for Dubhe's ray of Love-Wisom lies along the line of expansion, of a gradual inclusion. Dubhe

This lunar cycle offers the opportunity to deepen the connection to the Sirian force, which is connected to: the cosmic Principle of Love and Freedom, the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom, and the Great Bear. The Sirius~Leo Cosmic Full Moon Festival is a heart/soul alignment.

The heart of humanity, the heart of the planet ~ the spiritual Hierarchy ~ and the heart of the sun create the channel which extends to Sirius ... This alignment is evocative of the cosmic principle of Love and Freedom, both of which flow through Sirius and Leo into our range of awareness. Lucis Trust website, 2005

The energies coming from the sun, Sirius, are related to the love-wisdom aspect or to the attractive power of the solar Logos [*], to the soul of that Great Being. This cosmic soul energy is related to the Hierarchy [*]. Alice Bailey / Esoteric Astrology pg.416

The constellation Gemini is a point of entrance for the energy of Sirius. The Love of Deity (2nd Ray) pours through Gemini into our solar system. Within humanity this Love stimulates right human relations and unity with the divine. It is said the Cosmic Christ, embodier of the Love aspect of Deity, appears on the golden triangle formed by Gemini (the head), the Great Bear (one foot) and the Pleiades (the other foot). Culled from Alice Bailey / Esoteric Astrology pgs.348-349

In ancient China the seven stars of the Big Dipper were associated with the celestial palace of the Lord On High, the Star God of Longevity, the heavenly mountain, the paradise of the immortals. The star Sirius, the Heavenly Wolf, guarded this celestial palace. Today Sirius, which shares the space motion of Ursa Major, is regarded as an outlying member of it! The Great Bear Constellation Ursa Major

The Dubhe-Sirius-New Moon Connection is evoking a greater spiritual vision for humanity and our planet. It is a vision birthed by the soul-infused personality, one that guides us to our true "North," our immortal essence and our Divine Destiny. The heart, head and soul are being stimulated for unification, inclusiveness and freedom. Love-Wisdom is the guiding force for accelerated and true revolutionary change.

From sacred stillness move forward and be the change in your world.


Any Evening - 30 minutes after sunset
Look northwest to find the Big Dipper.
Use the Big Dipper to find Saturn and Spica in the southwest.
Find the North Star, Polaris, using Merak and Dubhe as pointer stars.
Review the map above and use this helpful image/description.
Star Pronunciation

Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for
the planets, Sun and Moon in your area.

Aug. 9-12, Friday-Monday - 30 minutes after sunset
The waxing Crescent Moon guides us to Venus, Saturn, and Spica.
How early can you spot blazing Venus?
Dusk Map
Obstacles from the past might arise to impede growth in consciousness.
The work to overcome these obstacles begins with this lunar phase.

Venus mid-August Map - one hour after sunset, looking west

Saturn mid-August Map - 30 minutes after sunset, looking southwest
Have you tried using the Big Dipper to find Saturn and Spica?

Meteors + Morning Planets
Look northeast for meteors, 1:00am-dawn.
Aug. 12+13, Monday+Tuesday
The Perseids peak these mornings and are active July 23-August 22
Perseid Fireballs ~ 1:00am 8/12  Map

Look southeast for meteors, 2:00am-dawn.
The Delta Aquarids peaked July 29+30, active to Aug.18

Remember ... wish upon a shooting star!

View mid-August's morning planets in the east 30 minutes before sunrise.
Brilliant Jupiter is easy to see.
You'll need binoculars to spot Mars.
Find a flat, unobstructed horizon to view Mercury

Aug. 13, Tuesday, Dusk
A wide waxing Crescent Moon lies near Zubenelgenubi, east of Saturn.
Will you be able to spot the Zuben star in the moonlight?
Click Map/Text to learn how.
Star Pronunciation
Additional pronunciation rhymes with Obi-Wan Kenobi of Star Wars fame.
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Aug. 14, Early Wednesday
The First Quarter Moon is exact at 3:56am PDT (10:56 UT).
A continued awareness of that which was conceived at the New Moon is gained.
Ideally any obstacles impeding this awareness are overcome at the First Quarter Moon.
This must happen if the energy released with the coming Full Moon is to be utilized.

Aug. 14, Wednesday Evening
The waxing Gibbous Moon nears bright Antares, the heart star of Scorpius.
Binoculars come in handy for spotting Zubenelgenubi to the right of the Moon.
Illumination and growth are offered during this lunar phase,
only if the obstacles from the past are cleared away.

Aug. 15, Thursday Evening
The waxing Gibbous Moon lies above Antares.
Ancient Chinese knew this red star as the Fire Star.
Will you see it flicker like a flame on a moonless summer night?
Rebellious Antares keeps the visions of humanity current.

The Planets
See Night Sky Info for information on each planet.


This lunar cycle, which peaks August 20 and ends September 5 is expanding our evolutionary horizons by stimulating and seeding Love-Wisdom in and around us. Join the folks at SouledOut.org in Celebrating the Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival II lunar cycle.

How may I allow my radiant, courageous and tender heart to face my obstacles?
- Jacqueline Lasahn / New Moon


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky