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Greetings Everyone,
This lunar cycle, which ends August 6 continues to give us messages about our evolutionary course and fulfillment. July 29 a sacred geometry forms a portal for Earth's safe passage. With two meteor showers in the works you'll have plenty of chances to wish upon a shooting star.

Earth's Grand Sextile Portal ~ July 29, 2013

Image and Grand Sextile Insights: galacticSpacebook

This sacred geometry is formed by a rare, exquisite and auspicious alignment of planets in our solar system (including our Moon), all of which circumscribe planet Earth July 29,  2013. The Grand Sextile, a 6-pointed star or hexagon around the Earth, includes two significant Grand Trines, two interlocking triangles inside.

This Grand Sextile Astrological chart, created by Jan Rosgen, shows the two Grand Trines delineated by astrological symbols. The first, our ongoing summer trine, faces up: Mars conjunct Jupiter (top point), Saturn (left), Neptune (right). The second, the July 29 Trine, faces down: Pluto (bottom point), Venus left, Moon right.

The Aspect Pattern
The Grand Sextile is one of the most complex aspect patterns as well as rare. Looking at it is akin to a game of cat’s cradle where one pattern after another pops out at you the more you look. To get to the specifics, there are 6 trines, 6 sextiles and 3 oppositions contained within the pattern. Look again and you will see two grand trines, one point up, one point down overlapping each other and forming the ‘star’ pattern. Look again and you’ll see 3 mystic rectangles and 6 kites! Lua Astrology

In essence the sacred geometry of July 29 surrounding our Earth is an intricate and ultimately harmonious open doorway.

The 6-pointed star, in the ageless wisdom texts, represents our heart center. It is depicted as a merging of two triangles: the descending triangle representing the 3 major spiritual centers or chakras within the human being and the ascending triangle representing the 3 major earthly chakras within the human being. In the heart center these contrasting realms of spirit and matter unify and become the One, the evolved human.

Six embodies the beauty of spirit married in flesh and form ... Two matured beyond duality by 3 ... Six is harmony and solution in the material world--the compliments, male and female, working synergistically together ... Six stills the heart for the infusion of soul ... Six is the hexagram or 6-pointed star, emblem of the marriage of the spiritual and the physical, the vertical fusion of spirit and matter, of human and divine. Nick Fiorenza / The Unfoldment of Number

The Grand Sextile of July 29 taps potential and offers opportunty and energies for evolution. With its ascending triangle, our ideals and highest hopes (Neptune) can be focused with right timing and discipline (Saturn) and be blessed with fortuitous action (Mars/Jupiter). With its descending triangle we have the hope of transforming (Pluto) our emotions and past karma (Moon) through beauty, creativity and a higher love (Venus).

During this day imagine the Earth passing through the open doorway of the 6-pointed star into a realm of the Divine Heart. Here the lineage of the Heart and Soul thrives. Here the heart of humanity, the heart of the planet (the spiritual Hierarchy) and the heart of the Sun attune to the pure love of our spiritual Sun Sirius and its revelation of love on our planet. Here all ancestral ensouled hearts unite in a synergy of Great Works manifesting Earth's Divine Destiny.

See yourself transforming emotions and past karma through creativity and a higher love. See your highest hopes and ideals manifesting in right timing with blessed fortuitous action. Aspire. Practice.

In the Mayan and Galactic Calendar also known as the 13 Moon Calendar:

... the day of the Grand Sextile ... is encoded as Blue Spectral Hand, 'I dissolve in order to know. Releasing healing. I seal the store of accomplishment with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.' Randy Brunner / galacticSpacebook


Rise and Set Times
Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
Use this link to find exact times for
the planets, Sun and Moon in your area.

Meteors + Morning Planets at Dawn
After viewing late July's morning planets in the east at dawn ...

Look south for meteors.
The Delta Aquarids peak July 29 + 30, active to Aug.18
Meteor Map July 30 4:00am

Look northeast for more meteors!
Perseid Map
The Perseids are active July 23-August 22 and peak Aug. 12 + 13
Perseid Fireballs

Remember, wish upon a shooting star!

August 2, Friday, Dawn
The waning Crescent Moon moves toward Jupiter.
Can you spot the Bull's eye, Aldebaran?
How about binocular Mars and Mercury?
Dawn Maps/Text

August 3-5, Saturday-Monday, Dawn
The thinning Moon guides us to 3 planets.
Jupiter is easy to see. Use binoculars to spot Mars and Mercury.
Dawn Aug.3 Map/Text ... Dawn Aug.4 Map/Text ... Dawn Aug.3-4 Map ... Dawn Aug.5 Map/text

Any Evening
At Dusk look for Venus above the western horizon.
You can view her stunning brilliance earlier and more to the left as the days unfold.
Late July Map ... 30 minutes after sunset, looking west

Look for paired Saturn and Spica.
Use the Big Dipper to them!
Late July Map ... one hour after sunset, looking southwest

Find the Libra Stars between Antares and Spica

Find Ophiuchus, the overlooked zodiacal constellation
Begin looking in August, in the southern sky, early evening.

The Planets
See Night Sky Info for information on each planet.


This lunar cycle, which ends August 6 has been giving us messages about our evolutionary course and fulfillment. The last vestiges of the waning Crescent Moon (Aug. 3-5) occur in the constellation of the Gemini Twins. We are reminded that these twin flames though opposites, Castor representing the form and Pollux the spirit, are innately cooperating for the benefit of the whole. We receive this lunar cycle's last message: work hand-in-hand for the betterment and evolutionary fulfillment of humankind.

Sirius, The Great World Teacher, continues teaching us through the Gemini Twins. The Twins stand on the point where the Milky Way (galactic plane) intersects with the ecliptic (solar plane). The Twins aid in bringing universal / cosmic energies into our solar system.

Gemini is a point of entrance for the energy of Sirius. The energy of Love-Wisdom (2nd Ray) pours through Gemini into our solar system. Culled from Alice Bailey / Esoteric Astrology pgs.348-349

The twin flames of spirit and matter burn within humanity. When united they set our hearts ablaze transforming evil into good. United we travel through the portal of safe passage and in turn are the many becoming the One.


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky