Look Up! ... Saturn / Mercury Retrograde, A Comet!

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Saturn our Lord of Karma, a tough task master, and Mercury the messenger of the gods are both demanding we slow down and go within. Their apparent backward motion in the heavens insists on a review and re-evalutation of our lives.

Retrograde periods can be thought of as a bow and arrow. One astrologer, Caroline Casey, says that the further back you go and the deeper you go, the further forward in your life you can shoot when the planet stations direct. Another astrologer, Cayelin Castell, says the following:

... the effect of a retrograde cycle is pulling an arrow back on the bow moving the arrow away from the intended target or goal for the purpose of gathering power and strength assuring the arrow will reach its target if the aim and release are true. Taking time to go within, following inner guidance and aligning with the Divine will assist a true and steady aim. Shamanic Astrology 7/03

More on these retrogrades can be found below.

Saturn Lord of the Rings

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Where's Saturn?

If you're a night owl or early bird, you'll be able to view Saturn in the heavens from late night until dawn.

Saturn is very low on the east-southeast horizon around 11:00pm. The planet is easier to see above the horizon around 2:00am. One hour before sunrise Saturn can be seen above the southwest horizon. Bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo the Virgin, lies west (right) of yellowish Saturn.

Look for the waning Gibbous Moon to guide you to Saturn and Spica:

Feb.27-Mar.1 11pm Map

Mar. 1 Late Evening Map/Text

Mar. 1-2 Dawn Map

Mar. 2 2am Map

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn began its retrograde February 18 and is stationary direct on July 7/8. During this retrograde journey "we have a great opportunity to reformulate structures of belief that may be holding us back and to build new structures that easily support authentic expressions of our true radiant divine nature. Practices that support genuine self-love are especially helpful." Shamanic Astrology 11/05

When Saturn is retrograde, our soul also follows an internal process of reflection and it goes back to our roots and initial intentions. Our battle during this process is to make our goals compatible with its objectives, and with our spiritual integrity. From: Saturn Retrograding by Sandra Alvim

Saturn’s retrograde motion occurs in the constellation of Libra whose Keywords are: Standing with spiritual poise, equilibrium is achieved.

Saturn retrograde tends to reveal our limits and in turn provides the opportunity to reorganize our lives and weed out frustration. It's a time to be patient, humble and aware.

Mercury Messenger of the Gods

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Where's Mercury?

Retrograding Mercury is always too close to the Sun to be seen. Look for the planet when it is furthest from the Sun, at the end of March. It then reappears low on the eastern horizon, however it does not climb very high for observers at mid-northern latitudes.

Mercury Retrograde

The planet began its retrograde motion February 23, is in inferior conjunction with our central luminary on March 4, and is stationary direct on March 17. As the planet joins with our Sun, it switches from the evening to the morning horizon.

During the planet's retrograde, which always occurs in close proximity to the Sun, Mercury the messenger of the gods seems to be communicating with our solar deity, formulating a new divine message for humanity. Mercury's Feb.-Mar. cosmic conference with our central luminary is occurring in the constellation Aquarius whose Keywords are: God is, I am, We are.

A shift or change in direction is beginning to take place now.

... hold off on making important decisions and purchases, especially with Mercury Retrograde. ... We have three of these Retrograde periods every year. They ask us to go back and review, revise and rework our plans and thinking. Stop. Look. Listen. ... This is the time to make improvements and adjustments that will be valuable later on after Mercury turns back to direct motion on Mar 17. skywatchastrology.com

Surrender and maintain during the first half of Mercury's retrograde (before its inferior conjunction 3/4). At this time allow the new incoming cosmic energies to break up the old patterns. During the second half (after 3/4) pay attention to emerging new ideas.

It is also helpful to remember that whatever is not in alignment with the unfolding mysteries surfaces for processing and clearing. Mercury Retrograde is a notorious time when things glitch, communication breaks down and things don’t always turn out in the ways we desire or expect. However, if we can relax and release our attachments to outcome, then this timing carries innovative, magically creative energy, inspiring insights, understanding and wisdom. Mercury Retrograde by Cayelin K Castell

Mercury inspires the mind and connects us to the soul with divine tidings. Listen. What message does Mercury have for you?

Retrograde Overview

... periods of retrograde are periods of “re:” renewing, reflecting, restarting, etc. [re-evaluating, reviewing, revising, reworking, recharging] Instead of being viewed negatively, these retrograde periods are a positive time to slow down ... and possibly make some necessary changes. llewellyn.com

Mercury and Saturn Retrograde 2013
A Fun Integral Astrology Video by Armand Diaz.


Will you see Comet Pan-STARRS in March?

Maybe ... Key dates are March 5 when the comet comes closest to Earth (about 100 million miles away) and March 10, when the comet comes closest to our Sun. The best dates to look may be March 12 and 13 when Pan-STARRS emerges in the western sunset sky not far from the crescent Moon.

Use binoculars to see the comet in the twilight glow, low in the west. Don't expect Pan-STARRS to look as conspicuous as it does on the following maps. Here's to clear skies and horizons!

Comet 30 minutes after sunset
3/7-20 Dusk Map

Comet at its brightest
3/12 7:30pm Map

Comet 45 minutes after sunset
3/12-24 Dusk Map/Updates

Learn more by clicking NASA's Possible Naked Eye Comet in March and Astronomy.com News.


This lunar cycle, which ends March 11 is "progressive and fortuitous ... a very significant lunar cycle for the emergence of the feminine force in the world ... Several planetary aspects occur ... making for a dynamic lunar cycle, one that is mobilizing and that impels progressive and wide sweeping change." - Nick Fiorenza

Ideals and dissatisfaction ...
Accept Life's Mystery.
Clean house.
Be kind to yourself and others.

- Jacqueline Lasahn / Feb. 25 Full Moon


Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky