Look Up! ... The Days Are Holy

Hello Star Gazers,
December 13 marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle that ends January 11. "Our New Moon stars invite us to embrace the harsh lessons of life, and to let them serve as the elixir that allows our transmutation into illumination." For more insights see Nick Fiorenza's lunar theme article, Transmutation & Illumination The Solstice & The Vision of Aldebaran.

Sol, our brightest star and central luminary, is the star performer of 2012's December Soltice ...

The Solstice Sun
Enters Mother Earth

Image Description

At certain ancient cairns in Ireland the Sun reaches deep inside Gaia on the winter solstice, only on that one day is the inner chamber lit, as if the celestial body of our male Sun impregnates Mother Earth with rays of light.

This fascinating Image Description includes more photos.

On 12/21/12 Sol's special lovemaking occurs not only in Ireland's ancient cairns, but also in the Milky Way's dark rift and it is enacted in the cave center of our head.

The Maya viewed the Milky Way as the Great Mother and her dark rift as her birth canal, the cave of creation. During 2012's December Solstice, Sol positions himself in the center of the Great Mother's cave of creation. This event heralds a new "Great Year" for our central luminary, a new 26,000 year cycle ... the birth of the Maya Fifth Sun.

This cosmic lovemaking stimulates a union between our earthly personality and our inner sun, the Soul. It takes place within the middle of our head, in our very own cave of creation. This union activates the spiritual light in the head and we are transformed.

The Soul's light in our head's cave center, is analogous to the 12/21/12 alignment of the solstice sun (Sol) in the middle of the dark rift, the Milky Way's cosmic birth canal, its cave of creation. During this time, a galactic imprinting occurs and an archetypal pattern of spiritual rebirth is potently enlivened within us.

Note: Equal distance from the 12/21/12 Sun we find Mars (male/yang) to the left and Venus (female/yin) to the right. The Maya tell us that the birth of the Fifth Sun brings a fusion of the male and female energies, a cycle of harmony and a return of consciousness.

The 12/21/12 heavenly line-up creates a cosmic crossroads, a sacred tree or cross formed by the vertical galactic plane (Milky Way) and the horizontal solar plane (the path of the Sun and planets). Sky Chart/Text

Learn more in 2012: Remembering ~ As Above, So Below.

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The Winter Solstice offers astronomical understanding and lists key global meditation events for 2012's planetary rebirth and cosmic alignment.

Participate in the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers, Dec. 21-28. View this inspired and informative video.

All of December Jupiter lies near Aldebaran, our star of enlightenment.
It is said that Jupiter transmits cosmic forces into our solar system. Jupiter bridges, fuses and blends, freeing us from duality. This planet expands our hearts and minds bringing out the best in all. Allow these celestial energies to expand your consciousness with new insights and visions.

December 23-26, Sunday-Wednesday
Look for the Moon near the beautiful trio of Jupiter, Aldebaran and the Pleiades.
It is said the Pleiades seed Aldebaran's vision with universal light.
Use binoculars to view the Pleiades in moonlight or for a special treat on a moonless night. Dec. 23 Map, Dec. 24 Map, Dec. 25 Map, Dec. 26 Map

Constellation Views of Jupier and Aldebaran: Mid-Dec. / Late Dec.
Note: The brightest star to the north of Jupiter is Capella of Auriga. A dimmer star closer to and also north of Jupiter is Elnath. This star is a point of light in two constellations: Auriga the Charioteer and Taurus the Bull. As Jupiter rises higher look for Betelgeuse, the bright red shoulder star of Orion the Hunter.

Navigating with Orion
Locate Sirius and Betelgeuse. Meditating on these two
stars can aid in the service of those who are spiritually attuned.
The three belt stars of Orion represent the Three Wise Men.

See Celestial Santa? The constellaltion Auriga and Santa are closely related. At midnight, when Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day Santa can be seen high overhead between the North and South Poles! Look Up! By sunrise Santa's work is done and he disappears in the west!

The Northern Cross stands upright above the western horizon during the Christmas season! This Christmas Cross touches the horizon 9:00pm - 9:30pm. Northern Cross Backbone of the Milky Way

Hmmm ... Southern Cross visible in Hawaii before sunrise

It's a Heavenly Christmas and Everyone's Invited!

Any Morning look for Venus, Saturn and Mercury above the eastern horizon before sunrise.
Finder Maps ... Looking southeast 30 minutes before sunrise
Mid-Dec. / Late Dec. Mercury, Venus / Late Dec. Saturn

These 3 planetary energies shine down upon us during the daylight hours.They can help transform the day's darkness into light and bring a new balance into one's life. Detach from fear and negativity. Open to divine intervention.

The dimming Red Planet, low on the sunset horizon, in the southwest is difficult to see in evening's twilight. If you are up for the challenge find maps here.

The New Year’s Star ~ Sirius
This star is instrumental in humanity's creation,
as well as in the establishment of our planet's
guiding forces and the mysteries of initiation. Highest
at midnight, its emanations stimulate our crown chakra.

This lunar cycle, which ends January 11 is illluminating humanity and prompting us to transmute the forms and behaviors that no longer align with the greatest good. Open to the new incoming visions. Use the Holy Days to enter your cave of creation and contact your inner sun. Be born anew! It is written in the heavens ... as above, so below.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky