Look Up! ... Jupiter At Its Best +

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
The order of our lives continues to be tested by the lingering energies of this lunar cycle's two eclipses, which "... dredge the past, wrinkle the present and challenge the perceived order of our lives." (Jacqueline Lasahn) The heavens are demanding a new level of self mastery.

As the Sun transits Ophiuchus, our 13th constellation, November 30 through December 17, take time each day to feel its warm rays touching you with the healing energies of this heavenly medicine man.


Jupiter Is At Its Best Now
Closest, Brightest, Biggest for 2012

Image Credit: NASA / Wikipedia

The image of Earth was taken by Apollo 17 December 7, 1972.
The image of Jupiter was taken by Cassini December 29, 2000.

"It would take about 1000 Earths to fill a volume the size of Jupiter." NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Sunday, Dec. 2 ... For observers in the Eastern to Pacific Time Zones, Jupiter is technically at its closest, brightest and biggest for 2012, however Jupiter continues to brilliantly dazzle us through December. The planet is out all night long, from sunset to sunrise. Map / Text

Thursday-Friday, Dec. 6-7, Jupiter is only 5ยบ north of Aldebaran.

All of December Jupiter lies near Aldebaran, our star of enlightenment.

Jupiter Finder Maps
Looking east 2 hours after sunset
Early Dec. / Mid-Dec. / Late Dec.

Note: The brightest star to the north of Jupiter is Capella of Auriga. A dimmer star closer to and also north of Jupiter is Elnath. This star is a point of light in two constellations: Auriga the Charioteer and Taurus the Bull. As Jupiter rises higher look for Betelgeuse, the bright red shoulder star of Orion the Hunter. More about these stars can be found below.

It is said that Jupiter transmits cosmic forces into our solar system. Jupiter bridges, fuses and blends, freeing us from duality. This planet expands our hearts and minds bringing out the best in all.

It is auspicious that Jupiter, in close proximity to Earth, is dancing with Aldebaran our star enlightenment. Look Up! Relax and allow these celestial energies to expand your consciousness with new insights and visions. Ask that you be shown the way to go.


Monday Morning, Dec.3
Are Saturn, Venus and Mercury aligned with each of the 3 Egyptian pyramids of Giza today?
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Monday Morning, Dec. 10
Waning Moon near Saturn

Tuesday + Wednesday Mornings, Dec. 11+12
Waning Moon near Venus
Map / Text (Includes Dec. 12 morning link.)
Participate in a 12/12/12 global meditation.

Any Morning look for Venus, Saturn and Mercury above the eastern horizon before sunrise.
Finder Maps ... Looking southeast 30 minutes before sunrise
Early Dec. / Mid-Dec. / Late Dec. Mercury, Venus / Late Dec. Saturn

These 3 planetary energies shine down upon us during the daylight hours.They can help transform the day's darkness into light and bring a healthier balance into one's life. Detach from fear and negativity. Open to divine intervention.

The dimming Red Planet, low on the sunset horizon, in the southwest is difficult to see in evening's twilight. If you are up for the challenge find maps here.

Any Night ... Celestial Delights through December 20:

Vega is the brightest star in the northwest setting at 11:00pm in the beginning of Sagittarius and by its end at 9:00pm. It is the western point of the Summer Triangle, which is slowly sinking on the western horizon giving way to the autumn stars overhead. Altair is the triangle's southern point and Deneb the eastern point.

Fomalhaut is the brightest star above the southwest horizon, setting at 11:00pm in the beginning of Sagittarius and at 9:00pm by its end. Fomalhaut is the Southern Royal Star and the brightest star in the constellation Pisces Austrinus below Aquarius. Interactive San Franciso Star Chart

Capella is the bright star in the northeast as the sky darkens. It lies north of the Pleiades. Capella is the brightest star seen the most often. In 2012 Jupiter shines brilliantly to its right (southeast).Autumn Stars

The Great Square of Pegasus is a sure sign of autumn. Look for the four stars almost overhead as night begins. .Autumn Stars ~ Autumn Dipper? A Flying Horse?

The Pleiades star cluster is another sign of autumn. Look east as the Sun sets for Taurus the Bull and its bright red Bull's eye, Aldebaran; then look a little west to find the mini dipper-shaped, sparkling Pleiades, the Bull's shoulder. .Autumn Stars In 2012 Jupiter shines to the left (north) of Aldebaran) or above (west) of the star. See Jupiter section above for maps.

Orion The Hunter, the cosmic giant, is a sure sign that winter is near. During the first two weeks of every December you can see him emerge and tower above the eastern horizon around 8:00pm. Around 10:00pm use his belt stars to locate Sirius and Aldebaran, and Betelgeuse and Rigel. Navigating with Orion Notice the colors of these 4 stars. Winter Stars


This lunar cycle, which ends December 13, is prompting a new level of self mastery and a new balance of our feminine and masculine energies. Feel free to use this mantram: I am of the Earth. I am of the Heavens. United I am as One.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky

Painting Response: Full Jupiter - Opportunity

Jupiter, now in Gemini, is providing the Opportunity---Fully---to embody Christ Consciousness on this New Earth.  Accessed through Portals---a tree and a cliff---Yin and Yang.  I welcome your own observations of what is in this painting.  This is an example of an artwork that came through a few years ago and that is being relevant NOW at this very moment.



Full Jupiter

Your artforsoul painting touches my heart and soul. I can feel the fullness of Jupiter transmitting the cosmic forces to our Earth, bridging the cosmos and our solart system! I am reminded that this planetary act of love brings out the best in all, producing wisdom, which ultimately manifests the Divine Plan on Earth.

In my current meditations I see myself as a tree. My roots touch the heart of the Earth and my branches reach out into the cosmos, very much like the branches of this tree! I become a conduit linking Earth and Cosmos. I am of the Earth. I am of the Heavens. United I am as One.

Thank you for your potent artistry.


Tree of Life

Thank you, Susan,  for your appreciation for the images that come through my hands.


Tree of Life

Yes, yes, yes! I love your painting. It's my meditation!

Your hands and heart wield the magic of the soul.

Susan Sun