Look Up! ... The Order of Our Lives Is Challenged

Hello Sky Watchers,
A solar eclipse inaugurates this lunar cycle Nov. 13/14. The New Moon totally hides the Sun for observers in northern Australia and the South Pacific and partially hides it for those in most of Australia, all of New Zealand and the South Pacific. A solar eclipse is a supercharged New Moon.

A solar eclipse emphasizes new beginnings that integrate the female (lunar) and male (solar) energies, giving humanity the opportunity and difficult task of sinking into, then rising out of creation's "dark void" with a new level of awareness, balance, wholeness and light. BTW: The eclipse occurs in the constellation of Libra the Balance.

This lunar cycle also culminates with a Full Moon eclipse Nov. 28. Heightened energies can be felt the week preceding and following an eclipse. Two eclipses in a lunar cycle are bound to "... dredge the past, wrinkle the present and challenge the perceived order of our lives." (Jacqueline Lasahn)

NASA's Solar Eclipse Info / Links ~ How To Deal With Eclipses ~ Eclipse Frequency

Nick Fiorenza provides a lunar theme and gives insights to this cycle: Self Mastery ~ The Serpent and the Northern Crown.


Young Crescent Luna Dances Near Mars
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at Dusk

Sky & Telescope Diagram

You'll need right timing, a clear sky and an unobstructed horizon to view this planetary treat. Binoculars are helpful. Keep eyes safe by not viewing the Sun with binoculars.

Approximate Moonsets: 7pm, 8pm, 9pm
Mars sets around 7pm.

Mars transits the constellation Sagitarius the Archer through mid-December. These combined celestial energies pave the way toward accomplishing spiritual goals. "We can say that Mars is actually the arrow in the bow of the Archer." Esoteric Mars During this transit feel free to use the mantram, "I see the vision and know the way to go."


Weekend Leonid Meteors: Look east after midnight Nov. 16, 17, 18.

Tuesday, Nov. 20, our solar system’s outermost planet, Neptune, is near the First Quarter Moon. Use binoculars to view the craters and mountains along the Moon's terminator line, the demarcation between light and dark on the Moon. Be receptive to your soul's guidance. Humanity's spiritual hook-up is strengthened by Neptune's emanations and the Moon's location.
Map / Text

Wednesday, Nov. 21, peer into the vast ocean of stars in autumn's evening sky. Open to spiritual guidance from the dark void.
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Thursday, Nov. 22, the Moon is  near Uranus, approaching Jupiter.
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Uranus is square Pluto 2012 - 2015. This square aspect "will stimulate dynamic cultural and societal action based upon what was set in motion in the 1960s." Learn more about this in Nick Fiorenza's article Revolution & Revelation.


Any Night ... Celestial Delights through November 22:

Vega is the brightest star in the northwest, setting around 11:30pm. It is the western point of the Summer Triangle, which is slowly sinking on the western horizon giving way to the autumn stars overhead. Altair is the triangle's southern point and Deneb the eastern point.

Fomalhaut is the brightest star low on the southwestern horizon, setting around 11:30pm (same as Vega). It is the Southern Royal Star and the brightest star in the constellation Pisces Austrinus below Aquarius. Interactive San Franciso Star Chart

Capella is the bright star in the northeast. Capella is the brightest star seen the most often. Jupiter shines brilliantly to its right (southeast).

The Great Square of Pegasus is a sure sign of autumn. Look for the four stars almost overhead as night begins. Stars of Autumn Also see Autumn Dipper? A Flying Horse?.

The Pleiades star cluster is another sign of autumn. Look east as the Sun sets for Taurus the Bull and its bright red Bull's eye, Aldebaran; then look a little west to find the mini dipper-shaped, sparkling Pleiades, the Bull's shoulder. Stars of Autumn Jupiter shines to the left (north) of Aldebaran). Map Also see November is the month of the Pleiades star cluster.


This lunar cycle is prompting a new level of self mastery, a new balance of our feminine and masculine energies. Feel free to use this mantram: I am of the Earth. I am of the Heavens. United I am as One.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky