Look Up! ... Apple Cart Overturns, Rebirth

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
As this lunar cycle comes to an end, superstorm Sandy and Venus in close proximity to Spica, the brightest star in Virgo the Virgin, add emphasis to the Lunar theme: "Overturning the Apple Cart, Motivation for a New Birth." Hmmm ... New York is known as the Big Apple.

Nick Fiorenza gives insights to the role played by Eta Carinae during this lunar cycle. Eta Carinae, Lord of the Waves, is also associated with the Sirian amphibious fish-man "Oannes." Learn more from Nick's article: Superstorm Sandy.

Waning Luna Dances with Venus
Saturday, Sunday, Monday Morning

Sky & Telescope Diagram

Having waned to a crescent, the Moon will pass Venus and Spica in the dawn. Sky & Telescope

Note: As seen in the image above, Saturn now appears in the morning sky low on the horizon.

Venus lies near Spica, Virgo's brightest star. Spica, symbolizing the sacred womb of the Virgin, nourishes the seed of our innate divinity and spiritual awareness until the gestation period is complete and spiritual birth can occur.

"... this placement [of Venus in Virgo], when considered esoterically, expresses the deepest commitment Love may unfold. The Son of Mind, the indwelling Christ Principle inherent in Virgo, descends into matter. It is thus that pure Love/Wisdom incarnates into the earth element and the Loving Spirit descends into Mother/matter ... for the purpose of ~raising up~ humanity and is one of the sacrifices Love makes for mankind." Esoteric Venus

As this lunar cycle comes to a close with Venus near Spica, and waining Luna transiting Virgo the Virgin, ponder upon evolution, rebirth and revelation.

Any Night Celestial Delights:

Vega is the brightest star in the northwest, setting around midnight. It is the western point of the Summer Triangle, which is slowly sinking on the western horizon giving way to the autumn stars overhead. Altair is the triangle's southern point and Deneb the eastern point.

Fomalhaut is the brightest star low on the southwestern horizon, setting around midnight (same as Vega). It is the Southern Royal Star and the brightest star in the constellation Pisces Austrinus below Aquarius. Interactive San Franciso Star Chart

Capella is the bright star in the northeast. Capella is the brightest star seen the most often. Jupiter shines brilliantly to its right (southeast).

The Great Square of Pegasus is a sure sign of autumn. Look for the four stars almost overhead as night begins. Stars of Autumn Also see Autumn Dipper? A Flying Horse?.

The Pleiades star cluster is another sign of autumn. Look east as the Sun sets for Taurus the Bull and its bright red Bull's eye, Aldebaran; then look a little west to find the mini dipper-shaped, sparkling Pleiades, the Bull's shoulder. Stars of Autumn Jupiter shines to the left (north) of Aldebaran (not shown on map).

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky