Look Up! The Heavens Are Hallowed

Greetings Night Sky Travelers,
Two Full Moon nights, October 28 + 29, increase the chances of North Americans seeing an orange October Moon. An act of kindness during this time is bound to lift spirits. The exact Full Moon occurs Monday afternoon, Oct. 29 at 12:49pm PDT (19:49 UT).

Click Pumpkin Moon? ~ Hunter's Moon? to learn more about this Full Moon. Participate in a Full Moon Meditation.

The Seven Sisters reign over the Days of the Dead. Look Up! View them high overhead on Halloween and on All-Hallowsmas at midnight. Click Halloween and the Pleiades to learn more. Find the Ghoul Star of Perseus!

Gibbous Luna Dances with Jupiter
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Sky & Telescope Diagram

The Moon appears to pair up with Jupiter on November 1st. The Moon here is shown three times its actual apparent size, and is positioned for a viewer near the middle of North America. Sky & Telescope

This 11/1 11pm Map shows Jupiter among 3 constellations. Note:Capella is the brightest star in the the constellation Auriga, to the left of Jupiter. Reddish Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus the Bull, is the brightest star to the right of the the planet. Orion the Hunter can be seen east of (below) Jupiter. Orion's 3-star belt points northwest (up) to Aldebaran.

Friday, 11/2, the Pleiades star cluster, Jupiter and Gibbous Luna diagonally line up.
11/2 9pm Map/Text

Master Jupiter is known as the Avatar of Synthesis who helps the many become the One. Invoke Jupiter’s help to build the bridges that bring out the best in humanity.

Our Sky Bear, the Big Dipper, walks the Earth on November evenings! The view is impressive.
11/4 Map/Text

Reminder: This lunar cycle is calling for drastic change. Evolution, revolution, revelation ... death and rebirth are in the air. Overturning the Apple Cart ~ Motivation for a New Birth

Invoke the deepest wisdom and highest compassion for the benefit of the entire Earth community before, during and after the US elections. Participate in a global meditation WiseUSA 2012.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky