Look Up! Luna’s New Cycle of Planets & Stars

Hello Sky Gazers,
The new lunar cycle that began Monday, October 15, 5:03am PDT and ends Tuesday, November 13, 2:08pm PST, “heralds the need for drastic change in concert with the revolutionary and revelatory Uranus-Pluto Square. [ * ] “ Rebirth is in the air. Lunar Theme: Overturning the Apple Cart ~ Motivation for a New Birth

Tuesday-Thursday, Oct. 16-18, Dusk
Use Crescent Luna to locate Mercury low on the SW horizon and Mars nestling near Antares. Binoculars, right timing and a clear, unobstructed horizon help with these twilight challenges. Keep eyes safe; do not look at the Sun with binoculars.
Sky & Telescope Map
“The visibility of faint objects in bright twilight is exaggerated here. These scenes are drawn for the middle of North America. European observers: move each Moon symbol a quarter of the way toward the one for the previous date.” Sky & Telescope

BTW: Difficult to see Mercury hugs the horizon for those in the Northern Hemisphere. Those in the Southern Hemisphere see Mercury at its best in the evening for 2012 on Oct. 26..


Slender Luna and Mars in the Realm of the Scorpion
Thursday, October 18, 6:45pm

Image: Newark Museum adapted with Photoshop

Approximate USA Set Times: Mars: 8:30pm, Moon: 9:10pm

In the realm of the Scorpion the dualities of death and life serve each other in evolution's ongoing spiral dance. The Scorpion harmonizes humanity with the inner Divine One. When the Moon transits the burning ground of Scorpius, it activates the transformative power within us.

Antares, the fiery red heart star of Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion, keeps our evolutionary vision current and ensures our spiritual growth.

Mars interacts with and exalts the cosmic Scorpion’s energies throughout most of this lunar cycle which is heralding drastic change and rebirth. Mars the exoteric and esoteric ruler of this realm takes us into a battle that ultimately leads to the victory of the soul. “The lower self will make its ~last stand~ as it squares off to do battle with the Higher Self.” The death of the personality releases the indwelling Christ Presence. Excerpted and culled from Esoteric Mars.

With the aid of Mars and the Scorpion invoke the transformative power within humanity.

Note: Mars rises around 11:00am and is showering us with its spiritually potent energies during the daylight hours and until it sets with the Scorpion around 8:00 – 8:30pm from Oct. 15 - Nov. 4.

BTW: The night and morning of October 19/20, the Moon conjoins and occults Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Look to Luna and locate Pluto. Look Up! Allow that which no longer serves to fall away.

Weekend, Oct. 20-22
Orion’s Meteor Shower
Dawn: Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Any Night … Jupiter
This brilliant, giant gaseous planet rises around 9pm and crosses the meridian around 4am. Look above the eastern horizon around midnight for a good view of Jupiter among the winter stars.
Astronmy.com Map ~ Radio Storm on Jupiter
Master Jupiter is known as the Avatar of Synthesis who helps the many become the One. Invoke Jupiter’s help to build the bridges that bring out the best in humanity.

Any Night … Capella
Look northeast for this star that flashes red and green near the horizon. Its bright light can be seen northwest of the more brilliant Jupiter.
Map / Text
“Capella holds a beacon of light for those emissaries on Earth to maintain awareness of their soul directive and purpose …” Nick Fiorenza
Open to this star's emanations.

Any Night … Fomalhaut
It’s easy to find this bright Southern Royal Star in a dark sky of dimly lit constellations. Thursday, October 25, the waxing Gibbous Moon lies north of Fomalhaut.
Maps / Text
Fomalhaut inspires evolved visions for a humanitarian based society and promotes the flow of resources in this direction. Imagine the emanations of this star touching and influencing all of us.

Any Morning … Venus
This dazzling planet rises in the east around 4:30am and sets in the west 12 hours later at about 4:30pm. It is the brightest, blazing point of light in the sky. Some may mistake it for a UFO. Venus harmonizes humanity with the gifts of understanding, wise love, unity, creativity and beauty. Tune to her helpful emanations before and after sunrise.

Where’s Saturn?
Saturn is being swallowed by the Sun! The glaring light of our central luminary is hiding the planet from our view. The Lord of the Rings is in exact conjunction with the Sun Thursday, October 25. Saturn reappears in the eastern morning sky early November. Work with Saturn now by focusing energy where you can; scattering your energy is not recommended.

A new lunar cycle has begun. Don’t be surprised if the evolutionary, revolutionary and revelatory energies overturn the apple cart! Be receptive to the celestial bodies that can help with one's rebirthing process.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky