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The New Moon of August 17 (8:54am PDT) lies under the head of Leo the Lion and the hind legs of the Great Bear, among the stars, which “are of exploration and discovery, of uncovering maps and codices hidden by the sands of time, of seeking new land about to emerge from the æther and through the mist obscuring our sojourns through life.” Our intuitive process helps us break trail into the unknown during this lunar cycle. Read more insights from Nick Fiorenza http://www.lunarplanner.com/

Any Morning

Before sunrise use brilliant Jupiter and blazing Venus to find Mercury hugging the horizon. August 16 Mercury was at greatest elongation (distance from the Sun). Each following morning, as it sinks back toward the horizon and the Sun’s light, it gets brighter. Observers farther north see Mercury higher above the horizon for a longer period time before sunrise than those farther south. Binoculars help in spotting our innermost planet. One can view elusive Mercury until the last week in August.

Morning Map

Open to these 3 planetary energies as your day begins. Allow them to expand your mind and heart and fuel your intuition. Seek new territory within.

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Learn more about Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mars in ...

2 Planets At Night And 2 Planets in the Morning

Monday, August 20, Nightfall

Slender young Luna lies to the right of the Martian triangle formed by Mars, Saturn and Spica of Virgo the Virgin. Approximate Moonset 9:25pm


APOD: Curiosity Rover On Mars ~ Curiosity Image Gallery

Any Night Look for the Martian Triangle in Virgo the Virgin
Tuesday, August 21, Look for Luna Below the Triangle

Virgo Triangle
Image: Newark Museum adapted with Photoshop

Look for the colorful shape shifting triangle formed by reddish Mars, yellowish Saturn and bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo. You’ll see it in the west-southwest at nightfall. Binoculars make vivid the hues of these celestial bodies.

BTW: Mars glows red because reddish dust covers its surface. Saturn is yellowish because its rings are reflecting sunlight. Spica is bluish because of its very high surface temperature. Spica produces its own light and heat like our Sun.

It’s been fascinating to observe Mars move from the far right of Saturn and Spica to lie between them Aug. 13-14, and now move out to their left! A young waxing Crescent Moon accents the tinted trio Tuesday, August 21. Approximate Moonset 10:00pm

It’s as if Spica, the womb of Virgo the Virgin is giving birth with the help of the Moon. It is humanity’s spiritual birth with its deep growing awareness of the importance of world service on Earth.

Know these energies in Virgo the Virgin are awakening the essential divinity of humanity. Assist the birthing process by imagining a divine light emanating in and around those you encounter.

Wednesday, August 22, Nightfall

Waxing Crescent Luna lies east of the Martian triangle and south of Libra. Approximate Moonset 10:45pm


Any Night

1. View the Summer Triangle, a transformational gateway overhead. Travel the path of the gods through the Summer Triangle into the Milky Way.

2. Watch the cosmic Scorpion, Scorpius, crawl along the southern horizon as the night progresses. You’ll recognize him by his fiery red heart star and his stinger stars, which are proof of an enduring magical bunny friendship.

Finding Bunny's Footprints

Scorpius is the burning ground of death and life, a transformative initiatory realm that harmonizes us with the inner Divine One.

Friday, August 24, Nightfall

Luna lies near Antares, the fiery red heart of Scorpius the cosmic scorpion. Approximate Moonset 11:30pm


Antares / Scorpius Cartoon

Saturday, August 25 Nightfall

Gibbous Luna shines above the Scorpion’s stinger stars. Approximate Moonset 12:30am


Sunday, August 26, Southeast Dawn

Have you viewed the reappearance of Sirius yet?



Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at The Night Sky