Look Up! ... HU-man Aroused! + Mercury Retrograde

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
The Sirius ~ Leo Cosmic Lunar Cycle, beginning July 18, 9:24pm PDT and ending August 20, 8:54am PDT, is awakening humanity to the greater Whole and in turn to its divinity, which encompasses the All-ONE. The HU-man, aka the God-man, the Christed One, Homo Luminous, is being Aroused!

Unique opportunities may arise within this lunar cycle but they require moment-by-moment attentiveness and response to the unique and out of the ordinary events and people appearing in our everyday lives, lest what are magical doorways briefly appearing may be lost. Nick Fiorenza / Portals of Unique Opportunity http://www.lunarplanner.com/

Celebrate the Sirius ~ Leo Cosmic Festival

July 21-26, Saturday-Thursday, Predawn 3:30am-5:00am + daylight influences
Brilliant Jupiter and blazing Venus form a shape-shifting triangle with our reddish star of Enlightenment, Aldebaran. Beneficent Jupiter expands our hearts and minds and transmits cosmic forces into our solar system. Venus, solar initiated during her June 5/6 transit of the Sun, is creating a new story of what it means to use our sacred feminine energy in the world of manifestation. (See http://www.souledout.org/wecyclewisdom/node/231 to review the heavenly relationship Venus is currently having with Ceres/Jupiter and Vesta/Pleiades.) These celestial bodies invisibly dance across the sky during the daylight hours until around 4pm. Their emanations influence our daytime activities. Open to the new sacred feminine energies shining upon Earth.
7/21 Dawn Map
As the days progress Venus and Jupiter gradually move farther apart and climb higher in the sky.

July 21, Saturday, Dusk, 45-60 minutes after sunset
Young Luna briefly aligns with Regulus. This is a difficult observation. Approximate Moonset: 9:45pm
Regulus, the heart star of Leo the Lion, focuses and regulates the emanations of Sirius toward Earth. Humanity's concept of freedom and liberation is linked to the evolutionary energies originating from Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens. BTW: Sirius is currently hidden in the Sun's glaring light and will briefly reappear in San Francisco's morning sky Aug. 7. Sirius gets easier to see each following morning.
7/21 Dusk Map/Text ~ Regulus and Young Luna

July 22, Sunday, Dusk
Crescent Luna lies between Regulus and Mars. Approximate Moonset: 10:15pm

July 23-26, Monday-Thursday, after sunset
Crescent Luna grows while transiting Virgo the Virgin and visiting Mars and Saturn. Virgo nurtures our innate divinity and spiritual awareness until it can be made manifest. The Moon located in the Virgin's Heavenly Holy Grail affirms and fosters a deep growing awareness of the importance of world service on Earth. Mars in Virgo quickens the spiritual life and makes way for the birthing of the indwelling Soul/Christ. Saturn in the Holy Grail conceives the structures that materialize the unfolding Christ consciousness. These structures cultivate synthesis, oneness, unity.  Luna, Virgo, Mars and Saturn are arousing the HU-man from its slumber. Open and receive the energies! Humanity is the sacred Chalice for the Divine Host on Earth.

July 23, Monday - The Moon, Mars and Saturn diagonally align.
Look for the triangle formed by reddish Mars, yellowish Saturn and bluish Spica, the brightest star of Virgo. Binoculars make vivid their hues. During the next 3 weeks watch Mars move closer to Saturn and Spica. By August 13-14 Mars lies between them!

July 24, Tuesday - Luna lies below and between Mars and paired Spica/Saturn

July 25, Wednesday - Crescent Luna lies near Spica and Saturn
It's the Day Out of Time! Tomorrow a new Galactic Year begins.

July 26, Thursday - Luna lies at Libra's Celestial Gateway
Map / Text
The Year of the Blue Resonant Storm begins. Review:

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Earth and the inner planet Mercury move counterclockwise around the Sun.
Mercury's relative position to Earth creates aa apparent retrograde or direct motion.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury's Retrograde began July 14 and ends August 7/8. During this time the planet is too close to the Sun to be seen and is in exact inferior conjunction with our central luminary July 28. Mercury is also switching horizons, from the western evening sky to the eastern morning sky and will reappear briefly before sunrise around Aug. 11.

Reminder: Sirius is also too close to the Sun to be seen and was in conjunction with it July 4. Sirius like Mercury is switching horizons; it will reappear briefly in San Francisco's morning sky (southeast), before sunrise Aug. 7. Hmmm ... Mercury's retrograde ends the day Sirius first reappears for San Franciscans.

It's as if Mercury messenger of the gods, during its retrograde, communicates with our solar deity and formulates a new divine message for HU-manity. It seems the Sun (heart of our solar system) is also communicating with Sirius (esoterically the heart of our Sun), while Sirius is held in its solar embrace!

A shift or change in direction is beginning to take place now. Surrender and maintain during the first half of Mercury's retrograde (before its inferior conjunction 7/28). Allow the new incoming cosmic energies to break up the old patterns. During the second half (after 7/28) pay attention to emerging new ideas. Mercury inspires the mind and connects us to the soul with divine tidings. Listen. What message does Mercury have for you?

BTW: Mercury's cosmic conference with our central luminary is occurring in the constellation Cancer whose Keywords are: Love builds a lighted house wherein Life dwells.

Here's to the ermergence of HU-manity.

Look Up! ... Look Within,
Susan Sun at the Night Sky