A Prayer for the Pacific Salmon, Friday June 12, 2009

Oh Great Spirit,
The Sacred Pacific Salmon are dying.

The Salmon that has given its life
to the Orca
the Bears,
The Land
& the Trees.....
To Us, the Children of the Earth.

Humanity is divided against itself
as it turns
Species of Sacred Life
Into Objects to be bought & sold to EXTINCTION.

The Spirit of the Salmon
is calling for Aid
And We are at a Standstill.

Patriarchal forms of Values & Control...
Of Greed and Short Vision
are Sacrificing the Spirit Blood
of our Oceans and Land.

We need Your Help.

Your People are at a Stalemate, and it feels like we are loosing.

Open Humanity's Consciousness to Our Hearts,
we may learn again
to Value ALL of Life with Reverence.