Befriending My Fear and Shadow with Compassion

Years ago, when I first read the Earth Sea Fantasy “Trilogy” by Ursula K. Le Guin, I was blown away by the main character’s encounter of a Dark Destructive Source. “Ged” had pursued his “enemy” through Towns and Wildernesses in search of the Name for His Nemesis….for that was the “key” to defeat ‘him’. In the final “show down” the name that came through Ged’s lips to address the Dark Entity was His OWN.

That Story spoke more to me about the Archetype of the “Shadow” than anything I have read since. It gave me as starting place for feelings of Threat, Fear, Sabotage and even Betrayal. It starts in Me….where that “Shadow” energy is in MY BODY.

A while back one of the videos I watched on Ascension was about moving into the Age of Fearlessness….in my language when Unconditional Love Moves into All our Inner Places transforming Fear & Shadow into Love. The Image that “evoked” the most energy in me was one of a man nose to nose with the venomous Cobra.

Images of Serpents, Dragons & Thunderbirds are in my Consciousness a lot these days. They are, for me at least, Archetypal power of the deepest Primal Life Force that exits. Thunderbirds, Dragons and Snakes …Oh My! ….~_~…are about TRANSMUTATION & TRANSFORMATION.
The challenge for me, especially with healing Post Traumatic symptoms is to go “nose to Nose” with the Fear Within me
in order to “access”
that Primal Life Force
to surrender to the Divine,
So I may be AT ONE with myself first of all.

Which means, in the way I use “Sacred Stories”, that I need to Invite the “Serpent” energy into my being and ENCOUNTER IT FOR WHAT IT IS, NOT WHAT I HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO “BELIEVE” IT IS. It’s kind of like treating anything that stirs Fear in me as a Rumour, and needing to Discover the Truth for me for myself.

In my own “Shedding” of the Layers of “Religious” hooks in my Essence I am having to look eyeball to eyeball in an energetic image that was damned as a form of Anti-Christ and Anti-God force.

This last full moon had me seeking “TRUTH” that would help me dispel all the Fear around the Archetype of Snake, Serpent & Thunderbird by Facing my own Fears. I began to prepare by reading and exploring images and stories around this topic. It wasn’t until I was triggered into a panic attack last Thursday that I realized I needed to Name My deepest Fears….the ones that have been Blocking me from Receiving a Primal Life Force BLESSING that can assist me in TRANSFORMING AND TRANSMUTING THE FEAR THAT HAS MY NAME.

Judaic – Christian Scriptures speak of God Creating a World that is GOOD. The Psalms speak of the wonder that in God’s Presence, “Even the Darkness is not Dark to Thee”.

The Conditioning I need to disengage from is the tendency to chastise myself because my “Fears and Wounds” are still showing….Reminiscent, I am sad to say, of how Shell shocked Soldiers were given Shock Treatment to “shake the Fear” out of them because Fear was considered so “unpatriotic” and “unmanly”. I am being Called to Disengage from what the Institution of Religion has said it means and Encounter that Truth for myself. I am being called to remind Myself that as a Child of the Light it is My Own Compassionate Presence to All that creates Chaos & Dis~Ease in my Life that I need to Cultivate….because it is only Unconditional Love that “casts out” or Transmutes Fear.

When another person’s Fear triggers my own, I am slowly learning that I need to BREATHE, DISENGAGE & Come back to My Own Centre…..A LOT…..~_~. AND even moving deep into Meditation requires a Great Deal of Surrender and Trust in the Source of Light and Spirit. Deep Silent meditation on My Own, has, in the past brought up not only my own Fears and Wounds but also a connection to the Divine Heart of Compassion that Hears the Fears of the Universal Inner Child in us All. That has been overwhelming in the past.

THE GOOD NEWS is that my own Inner Connection to the Universal Divine Intelligence is reassuring me that I have cleared away enough of the Generational, Cultural and Religious Echoes in my being, that it is Now Safe for me to Surrender into the Womb of Silence.

It is Safe for me to Encounter the Fears that have robbed me of Inner Peace and Present Paradise.

Indeed, what I have discovered Is
the ENERGY or Archetype that I “interpreted” as Fear FULL
is actually,
So Primal and So Elementally a LIFE FORCE/LIGHT FORCE
that it is this very Thing
that Can Shift entrenched Patterns and Blocks
allowing me
to Evolve in what I am “calling” an “Ascended Manner”.

It is this Primal Force that Allows me to Surrender to My
Own Divine Self and allow My Stone Heart to become Flesh……

Learning in my Body, Love truly does cast out fear….

I am learning Bodily, there are No Dualities……Only One Light and One Truth, if I but Dare to Go Eye to Eye with the Life Stealers that dwell in my own Body and Soul.

I find
my own
Inner Connections to Benevolent Companions of Light
reminding me that
Compassion for the Fear Places is the only thing that
Transmutes & Transforms My AWARENESS that ENERGIES,
however elemental, ARE THERE FOR MY ABUNDANCE, NOT for my Torment.

It is a matter of my remaining PRESENT COMPASSIONATELY to the threat/fear/darkness Until my Body once again Breathes In and Out the Breath of Light and Life.

And in the Midst of all this Apocalyptic Feeling Fear, I Hear the One Spirit Whispering to each of us:

“Be of Good Cheer and Peace….The Dark Forces of this World have Already been overcome. It’s a matter of Loving Your Divine Self in even what You perceive as the “fearfull and ugly” places of Your Lives Until You Behold Your Own Beauty And At One Ment with all that is Light.”