The Greater Good

For the Greater Good of All

And Now the Living Light of One Love
is Joined in the Circle of the Souls
who Offer their Lives to Share and serve the Way.

For the Way of the Living Light
Can be activated in all who are choose
To be a part of the Ones who are here to aid the Planet
And bring the World to a greater Understanding
Of how we can fulfill the purpose we came here for.

There is a common Breath of the Love of God
That will bring us to comprehend that
The world needs us to join together
To open the doorway to a higher vibration,
That we can use to lift our consciousness to God.

We can be a part of the Energy
That is Heavens Frequency in our Consciousness.
We can let the Fire of the Energy
That is from the Source of Creation
Burn with the Sacrificial Fire
That purifies our Souls so we may see
Beyond the personal Dream
And imagine the World working with
a Living Light born of Universal Love.
A love that believes in a Planet living in peace.

For we are all joined in our hearts with a Unifying Love
From is a Cosmic eternal Energy from the Source of all.
It is alive in the Presence of the Breath
of the Living Light that join us as One,
so that we can live in Peace
when we choose to let God work through us
for the Greater Good of all.