The Wings of the One Soul have been Whispering….


I've heard their Prayers in the Eagles' persistant Cries
Awakening the Dawn…

A plea of urgency to Root Peace Gently into the Earth,
While Revealing the Light of our Own Souls
As Embracing the Soul of Our World
from the Silent Magnetic Centre.

Keep your Eye on the Eagle….

The Feathered ones on High
Remind us of Their Star Glory
By ushering Transitional Souls
into another Incarnation on the Spiral Path of Light.

The Wonder of "Angel" wings fluttering Blessings,
as My Eyes catch the Wonder of the Nebula and baby Star Icon ISR 4 ….

…interesting It's number shares the $ on the Keyboard to the Universe……

Golden Blessings ripple into the Light that enlivens
our Luminescent Bodies as
Temples of the Living Source….

Inviting the Azure Dragon into Shifting Consciousness…..
Gathering Prayers in Kyoto's Temple,
that The Birthing Earth be washed Clean
by Its
Life Giving Streams
from the Sacred Springs of Holy Earth…..

Inviting a Baptism of Violet Fire to lift us in the Ascending Pathways,
while the Flowing Current of the Mother Ganges' Compassion,
glides our Global Essence
in Harmony into the Evolutionary Shift
of the Sacred Spiral Path of Light….

Great Spirit, Sacred Mystery and Source of all Silence…..
Gather Humanity's fragile Heart in Loving Kindness
in the Wings of your ONE Purpose and Direction,
that we Might restore the Fragmented EARTHEN Vessel
to Reveal OUR "Heavenly" Glory....
....making manifest, Love, Light and Power to Restore our Planet Earth.

Reveal the Light within
that Transfigures and Makes New,
….like Smudging from the Inside out....,
and Clear our Consciousness,
as we offer our self and will,
for the Unfolding of Your Compassionate Incarnation.

Lift us by the Gracious Lotus blossom
that opens our Roots to Your Centre…..
the very Feathers of your Spirit
that Rest Lightly on the Waters of EarthLife…

find the Frequency of Global Birth.


footnote for Pic:

Star Forming Region S106

Image Credit: GRANTECAN and IAC
Explanation: Massive star IRS 4 is beginning to spread its wings. Born only about 100,000 years ago, material streaming out from this newborn star has formed the nebula dubbed Sharpless 2-106 Nebula (S106), pictured above. A large disk of dust and gas orbiting Infrared Source 4 (IRS 4), visible in dark red near the image center, gives the nebula an hourglass or butterfly shape. S106 gas near IRS 4 acts as an emission nebula as it emits light after being ionized, while dust far from IRS 4 reflects light from the central star and so acts as a reflection nebula. Detailed inspection of images like the above image has revealed hundreds of low-mass brown dwarf stars lurking in the nebula's gas. S106 spans about 2 light-years and lies about 2000 light-years away toward the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus).


Aquila flies into our focus at the same time that the Northwestern USA and Canadian eaglets begin their process of fledging.

They hatch on or around April 28th (hatching in process):


The eaglets grow quickly. In the first few weeks they double their size every day (Day 5):


Eaglets continue to grow on the nest. Growing to fly can be awkward:


Around 45 days after hatch, when Aquila is ascending in the sky, they first "mantle" the food away from their parents, stretch their wings, fall on their face, try again and begin flapping their wings. Will the eaglet fly?


They even go out on a limb and branch:


Then at 60 days, when Aquila is prominent in her place in the sky, they fledge. The eagle flies from the nest into the blue, the unknown. They see the world around the nest from a new vantage point.

Eaglets return to the nest for a few more days to rest and sleep from their short flights. But then, the eaglet flies off the nest for the final time and flies North with their parents a full 85 miles to the salmon fishing grounds up North. After migration, the eaglet may return to the area but will not be allowed on the nest again.


Fly free Aquila the Eagle and teach us that we must nourish our body, try our wings and fly too.

Sending love,



Lovely to Watch "Take Off" together