God's Love will Prevail

God’s Love will Prevail

And from the Highest point of heaven
To the farthest depths of Earth,
The Lord Speaks of His Love,
His deep undying Love
That is here in the Living Christ
To lift us to Salvation.

A Love that is based in knowing Who we are,
And that we all can choose Compassion
And give the love we have to the World.

Let our Hearts be open to this Love.
Let our faith be restored to
See the power of the True potential
Each of us has when we let Love
Come into our hearts to heal us,
To renew our Faith
And to allow us to believe.
For each of us can Love
As the Lord Loves.
Each of us can let this love
Be given freely.
Each of us can be filled with the One universal Dream
Of Heaven here on Earth.

And with that hope in our hearts
We can find a way to bring the world
A way to imagine a better way to live,
With the Light of the Soul holding this Vision for Humanity.

With Each breath, in each moment
Believe in God’s love for you.
Believe that each heart can receive this love
and be changed by it.
Let each soul hear the Lord say I Love You.
And let each heart be inspired to Live with this love
And share it so God’s Love can Fulfill it’s Purpose,
and Love can Prevail on Earth.