How would you Clothe the Raw Spirit
Of God’s Love,
When this Spirit it holds
Is naked and free.

How would you dress,
what needs to be seen,
When it’s invisible, beyond words,
And yet holds the key.

It is the Greatest gift that you’ve been given,
resides inside of you
When you truly believe this
Would you just sit there quietly,
In the face of all you knew?

Would you sell the secrets,
As if you could own the Way.
When God’s gifts are given freely,
And are there to guide you in everyday.

All can hear the calling,
All can hear the Word,
It only takes your heart to Follow,
What’s given to you by the Lord.

The world is still evolving,
And there is so much need,
We all can choose the Work to do,
If we just let Spirit guide us
For Each heart knows this is true.

God’s Love resides
Naked and Free in every Soul,
and is waiting there for you.

So share the blessings given freely
And Trust in God’s Love and you’ll find,
Spirits Way is unlimited,
let it be your guide.