Prayers for the World

Prayers for the World

All around the World
There are prayers being said,
All around the World
there are the Ones who hear the call,
and who receive the answered prayers.

May the people who can help
To change the world receive your guidance
So that they can serve God and those in need.
Can we believe in our selves enough
To do what must be done.

Oh, Heavenly father,
Bring the light of your true vision
Into our souls.
Bring your unconditional Love
Into our hearts.
Give us the power to do your will.
To be your voice,
To speak your truth.
And to know how to
Let it be offered to the World.

Let the Prayers of the World
Fly free to heaven.
As we sit in Silence and let ourselves
Be the Chalice that Hold your Holy Spirit.
To feed the hungry souls,
To nourish our very being,
So that we can pour forth your
Blessings to the World.

We humbly ask to be your instrument
And we give our eternal gratitude to you
The Source of all love and light.