Release the past

release the past
Lift all the veils of illusion
And Accept the life you have Chosen.
This is the foundation you have built.
Bless this foundation.
Bless this Life.

And release any thing that no longer
Serves the Journey onward.

Sweet dreams,
Sweet delusions,
Be released.
Be set Free.
Empty the secrets of the Heart.
So the Pure Light of the Master
Can come and redeem your reality,
So you can truly give yourself to God.
For all of the Life’s Choices and Distractions
Were only Preparation for the
Building of a New and brighter Way.

Now you know the Truth of the Seeking.
Now you stand Naked with the Heart baptized by the Lord.

Now you can be the Love that Comes from understanding.
And you can forgive the Hurts and Choose the good that has Come.
Now you can bathe in the pure Blessings of What has been given.
And Say OK, I am here.
This is my Life and What I am.

For God sees into your heart of Hearts.
God knows your Soul and purpose.
And with Infinite patience Waits for you to Answer your Life’s Call.

Knock now and the Door will be opened to you.
And you will be in the Presence of the Lord.