Aries 2009 Meditation Impression

As we came together united in meditation for the Full Moon in Aries, there was a sense that more souls were aligned and participating at this, the Festival of Easter, than ever before. I sensed too that things were changing, in flux, in our world and in our relationship to the Hierarchy and Deity. Things were changing even in how we view and participate in the three major Spiritual Festivals.

Each year, at this, the first festival, I sense an enlivening in the Life. It is like an energy boost. I, we, know that this festival does have a special place in the Life. Our relationship with the Spiritual Hierarchy is evolving, and it is the beginning of our spiritual year, the time of renewal, growth and the rising. The circle of life turns on, yet it is an ascending spiral. We are rising!

I felt our hearts opened the available energy. In this high place and space it was easy to live with an open heart. The message is we need to take the energy back to our world and live with a wise and open heart.

Illumined by the energy and with heart opened I saw/heard, "look for the emerging cycle of opportunities to identify with the Divine". This was so inspiring, I think it will become a mantram and as a way to live this year. It is a potent question or way of thinking. How we can we identify with the Divine in all situations we find ourselves in?

The information pours through, that our work with the Spiritual Hierarchy is more and more important. It is becoming a greater and greater part of our spiritual life. I sense that Humanity is stepping up to a new level of co-operation with the Hierarchy. Humanity and the Hierarchy are working together to produce a channel that Divine ideas, the new seeds of our spiritual growth can to us. In this process each of us is important the Divine, the Hierarchy and Humanity.

As the meditation began to close the message that we will be working with a more open and wise heart stayed with me. That we are trying in ever more significant ways to identify with with the Divine in all situations. Looking for that Divine creative spark within, in this work we are demonstrating that we seek unity in all our endeavors. The Divine will empower us in these ways of being, as they are serving the greater good.

The Divine spark that exists at our very core is what unifys us. Race, religious organization, and ethnicity are not our identity, Spirit is, and lives within us. In this way of being we are co-creating with the Hierarchy and Divinity a Spiritual Realm.

Love and Light,
Ted J. Rucker