Dancing the Star Medicine Wheel....A Gift from *El's** Activation of the Medicine Wheel Attunement

I visited the Medicine Wheel
Above Ghost River,
In Spirit today......

The stone I had gently and prayerfully
placed upon the offering of Sacred Tobacco
Called me home.......

The Metis Medicine Man...
So Alive
So Playful
So reverent of those things
Deserving Reverence.......

He made certain I got it right....
the placing of those Stones
in a Wheel that needing Closing
because the Energy was running out.......

Today those Stones
Called me Home
to Where the Buffalo roam
Behind Tall Fences
Until they may once again
REplenish the Earth....
When the White Buffalo Calf Takes its Place
Within the Centre of Hope's Circle
and the Arms of White Buffalo Calf Woman.

And as I gazed with in its
Sacred Orb
Where all is One
And One is All.....
I opened my heart to Receive
the Activation of the Sacred Medicine Wheel....
Linking Alberta's Circle,
my West Coast Isle
And *El,'s** Magic Castle of Peace and Harmony.....

It was a Celestial Pow WOW ~_~
and round the Edge
The Sacred Wheels of Light
Began to Dance their Dance,
In Joy and Celebration.

AND THEN.....~_~
The Dancers of the Hoop
Into our Sacred Circle Came....
Dancing Creator's Dance....
Transporting Me and All my Heart...
To Dance with Stars and Constellations....

The Glory and the Wonder that Melchizedek's Sacred Flower
In and Thru
Inter and Intra Galaxies
of Light
and Space
of Joy and Celebration.......

So Dance with me,
People of the Spirit and
of Great Heart....

Come Dance with me upon the inner Galaxies
of your Own STAR BIRTH.

For within the Sacred Living Lines of Medicine Wheels and Circles
Merkabahs Dance
Carrying us to Bliss full Places,
Where Seraphim Sing Light into Being.....

Come Dance that Sacred Space into your Centre,
Creating room for Light and Magic....
Preparing the Way for Full Moon Blessings...

Inviting into that Sacred Space and Medicine Wheel
between your Ears.....~_~


Enabling Spirit to Make the Leap
and Birth you